BA (Hons) Computer Games Modelling and Animation showreel video transcript

A blue ball of light moves quickly through a dark forest setting.

Character sheets showing drawings of people in medieval costume with a sword and a character wearing a protective outfit of street signs and green trousers.

A door with a gold circle embossed with images of people and children opens.

A skeletal figure with wings stands in a church with a fire burning close by.

A pink monstrous arm descends from a building towards the viewer.

The player runs towards a battleground with explosions and fires.

The player is in a room with hieroglyphics shown on a column. A figure is sat leant against the column. The player turns to view two more columns and a coffin.

The player holds a gun with a blue laser in a sci-fi style room with a glass ceiling.

A red poppy stands tall in a field with a hazy glow.

A round tin hat wobbles on a post as an explosion happens in the background.

A large cylinder filled with liquid and an alien figure stands in the middle of a dark room with cables and lights.

A body lies on the floor of the bar, covered with a sheet.

The player sits in a futuristic plane, with controls in front of them, surrounded by space, a space station on the left-hand side of the screen.

A close up of the alien figure in the cylinder holds a circular object with something inside of it.

A hallway of an old, run-down building with a boarded-up window and an abandoned wheelchair.

A close up of the circular object held by the alien is shown with a baby inside of it.

A landscape with mountains, trees and a hazy pink and cloudy sky.

A small player on-screen with a gun moves between biscuits and sweets.

The camera pans out from a figure sitting in a car with a ghost mask on with several bullets in motion towards them.

A close up of the door with a gold embossed circle, showing a baby figure being placed into one of the slots.

Doors open to a church showing darkness inside.

A player with clawed hands lands on a piece of land with grass and trees with the ocean below.

Mechanical arms lift up in a large grey room.

Explosions continue on the battlefield.

Four figures battle in a forest setting with snow on the ground.

A blue figure is thrown backwards from a cartoon effect explosion next to a metal door.

The player with clawed hands walks along a wooden bridge that leads to a large rock with buildings and trees.

A player with a gun runs along a stretch of floor between buildings and other players wearing cowboy hats. $100 shows on the screen.

A piece of pie sits on a plate in a red and white diner.

A metal pod appears from the middle of the door. A lit-up sign saying ‘bakery’ shows above it. Lights from four areas light up the floor.

A sign that reads ‘Diner open 24 hours’ stands out in a hazy sky with snow falling down.

A large octopus sits next to a wooden walkway.

A large banquet is on a table, with plates of food and candles.

A door slides open on the metal pod that has appeared.

Hand-drawn figures on card sit around a table. Speech bubbles sit above their head with a picture of a short drink and a slice of lime. A drink with a slice of lime moves towards one of the characters.

A wooden fixture with an awning and a trailer with wheels contain baked produce.

The back of a statue with long hair stands in the middle of a room. Arrows are stuck in surrounding trees, and yellow and red leaves from the branches of the trees move slightly.

Two guns practice shooting in a bar setting, with a bar person on the left and people sat around tables in the room.

A square building sits in the middle of rocks and trees. A sign reads ‘General store supplies’.

A robot with two legs and two arms stands on a zebra crossing.

A dark room with a strip light shows a figure opening a door. Stacks of wheelchairs sit at the front of the hallway. The figure enters a room, out of breath, with tiles on the walls and a bed.

BA (Hons) Computer Games Modelling and Animation showreel video

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