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Orianne welcome to Open Day Live - Thanks for having me. And you've got the same disease as me, people butcher your name, my full name is Radzi Chinyanganya, yours is Orianne. Yes Orianne, Orianne Wightman you can just call me O for short. Oh, I like that and you work at Experian, what do you do at Experian? So it's quite ironic, so my role is actually recruiting graduates, students and interns. So given I was a graduate role myself five years ago, it's a bit of a 360 cycle. Right, you really have come full circle, what made you join Derby in the first place? Oh, really good question I think for me it was actually down to the course that was on offer. So, I picked business management because like most I wasn't entirely sure what I wanted to do but I knew that the course would give me a breadth of different skills and experiences. I could kind of cherry pick what I wanted and then once I knew my passion I could then specialize down that Avenue.

So the course was a big selling point for me and I think the second thing was not only did I get my degree but I also got a level five diploma in leadership and management. So that's accredited by the CMI, The Chartered Management Institute, and it meant I essentially got a double whammy with my degree so that's great for employability in the future. You're the perfect person to talk about this because like you say, you come full circle. So you are now looking for, if you like the stars, people who are excelling in their course, potentially at Derby, what specifically is it that you're looking for?

So it's a bunch of students who potentially are gonna apply at Derby and are thinking, I wanna smash my degree out in the park. How can they do that? Well, that's a really good question. I think there's a lot of things you can do whilst you're at university to make yourself employable. So I know during my time at Derby, I was really close with the careers and employability team. So I went to their career fairs, I got CV advice, I ran a lot of workshops and kind of sat with them to make sure that I was getting the most from my time at university. So I think students need to be doing that to make themselves employable at the end. In terms of what I look for now as an employer recruiting those students, I would say it's that curiosity and that genuine passion and being intrigued and saying, hey, I don't know everything about this subject but I'm really interested to know more and that passion comes across in that drive.

When we say business management what exactly does that mean? Essentially the course covered all avenues of business, so things like logistics, finance, HR, marketing, it just really gives you a breadth of different topics that foundation knowledge to go into the industry. Are that things that you learn at uni, perhaps that aren't necessarily on the course whether it is about interacting with different people, but learning those skills that do transfer into. I guess especially now Covid times when you're doing things remotely? Absolutely, I think the university put on so many extra things that weren't necessarily black and white with my course but they were on offer to the side that helped I suppose that employability. So things like going speed networking events and becoming more comfortable, things like this become more natural as a graduate and also things as simple as presenting and getting up and speaking in front of people or project managing, you know, working in a team at university, the university do a lot for their students, they really offer so much, and I'm thankful for what I got from my course.

So, if we go back to when you first joined Derby, were you as charismatic and confident as you are now? I've always been slightly extrovert you know, quite a bubbly character but I definitely wouldn't have been able to sit here and do this today had it not been for the course and that journey that I've had. Because that's really interesting cause off-air, as we met and you came in here you actually said I've done webinars before, I'm actually okay at this type of thing, and that's really interesting that you've gone from somebody that feel very alien to it, to somebody who's now very comfortable doing it, that's a real leap and that kind of says that you're not just learning a course, but you can almost change your personality in some respects and become a different person. Yeah, I think it's more, you enhance your personality , you build that confidence to then execute things that you might not have done before because you weren't as brave. University is the perfect chance to fail you know, learn, grow and try again.

So I did economics at uni and I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do but there were certain things that it would have kind of helped me presenting wasn't one, got to be honest with you, but if you're going to do business management, what kind of career options does it give you? Anything and everything, so some of the people on my course have gone into all different career paths. I've got a friend that works in banking, I've got a friend that works in HR, I've got someone that works as a tax consultant, it can genuinely project your career into any different sector and that's the joy of the business management course. You can go into almost any career path.

What really surprised me was I asked you where you're based and I was expecting you to say London.


But that clearly isn't the case because your based I think you said Nottingham and so is the kind of country you're always, it doesn't have to be London centric opportunities? Absolutely, I think opportunities are available up and down, you know, the whole of the UK and I think graduates need to remain open to that because just like university, when you join it's a new experience. So if you secure a job in a new city, it's exactly the same, you get to experience a new area and make new friends and just really immerse yourself in that culture. We were also talking about the fact that we're no longer recent graduates but we'll pretend that we are and our memories are as vivid as ever.

What do you remember most from your time at Derby? Oh gosh, so so many good memories. I remember the people, I remember constantly laughing and challenging myself, you know, things are challenging at university but in a really good way, and I think it's those connections that I made that I will remember for life and the skills that I learned from those connections, be it my lecturers, the employability team or even my colleagues. It was just a great three years for me.

A lot of the people we brought in here are examples basically success stories like yourself, what is it about you that's made you a success story versus perhaps somebody who it didn't quite work out for after uni? Oh God wow what a question. I would say why I'm proud of myself and my own successes would be because I became fearless. I let go of that baggage of should I do this shouldn't I do this, is this okay and as soon as I got rid of that kind of mindset and I went, what have I got to lose let's try it, what can I learn from this experience I think that's where my career really took off when I made bold choices, threw myself into it and made myself proud.

Right, thank you for that, and being a female, do you feel that's made more of a challenge in business management because classically if you're gonna say I'm gonna speak to somebody from engineering I would expect it to be a guy, if it's gonna be perhaps nursing, I might expect it to be a female with business management, where does it sit there and has it sort of had its own challenges as being female? Its really good question and I think actually now we're stepping into an era where women in business is actually more celebrated than it ever has been before and for me, I have kind of ignored that stigma and seen it as no I'm a professional in my industry and my sex is irrelevant to that, whether I'm male or female, it makes no difference, its how good am I at my job and what am I bringing to that business or that role. I think there are challenges that you have to tailor your communication style to certain people but that's life you know, how you talk to a four year old toddler versus one of your lecturers is very different. So you just learn to flex but personally I haven't faced any challenges, I see as I'm loud and proud and I'm here to make other women be inspired to take a step in the field.

Well, thank you very much and case in point if anyone who is looking for inspiration to possibly study business management what is it about Derby that perhaps differentiates it from other universities? Obviously you haven't gone to other universities and studied, but what was it that you loved so much about the course at Derby? So as I mentioned, the course covered a breadth of subjects and it did allow you to kind of pick that Avenue that you were most passionate about and diversify your skills into that one niche, when you’re ready and you know what you're interested in. But I think what really stood out for me at Derby university was the diversity, the range of people on my course were, you know just incredible and I actually secured my second graduate role because of somebody that I knew on my course. So that network you build at university is critical and that's what I really enjoyed most at Derby, the people.

I feel like I can ask you this question, what's your dream occupationally? So if I had to speak to you in 20 years’ time for you to say yourself in 20 years’ time, Orianne has smashed it out of the park what does that look like? I would say you know, for a company like Experian, winning more awards, I've already won a few at my previous company so I'm quite proud of that but I would say it's creating an award winning graduate program that inspires the next generation. That really brings out the best in them and brings that next generation of talent to Experian to help the business flourish, that would be a success to me.

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