What inspired me to study Zoology/​Biology video transcript

I've seen a lot of change in just my generation from things actually disappearing, or not in the abundance that they used to be. It's something that everybody should take in to consideration. The slightest changes can have catastrophic effects. I've seen how development can affect the environment and the species around. I don't want to just watch it and not do anything, I wan to be part of it, I want to make a change.


I'm from Kenya and when I was young my father used to take me on safaris, and to national parks, and I really enjoyed my time in those places and I wanted to do something at university that made a difference. To go into Zoology you don't necessarily need anything else but passion for the environment, animals and a massive curiosity about what's around. You can never stop learning, the more you study the more you can see that everything is connected and what I wanted to do basically, studying Zoology, is give voice to something that has no voice, something that cannot respond and say I need help. If you work together to preserve nature, and to preserve biodiversity, then it's better for future generations, you know, and that is - I want to be part of that.


What inspired me to study Zoology/​Biology video

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