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BSc (Hons) Zoology Mallorca Trip 2019

Crossing a bridge over a wide river close to where it meets the sea, with low trees and buildings on either side.

Looking across a green plain filled with fields and trees to some mountains in the distance. 

A student in a viewing hide looks at wetlands using binoculars.

"Students performed a number of course-related activities and excursions around the island."

Three students sit in the viewing hide writing notes. 

Smiling students stand next to a sign for the S'Albufera Natural Park in Mallorca. 

Greenery leads down to a beach and the sea.

"They explored the island's natural plant diversity ...'

Two students jump in the air next to a dry stone wall.

A close-up of two students exploring in the grass.

"... found the most amazing invertebrates ..."

The students close the lid on a sample jar containing a small scorpion, the jar has breathable straws attached. They hold it up to the camera. 

"... and went on scenic hikes to find wild goats."

Students walk in single file up a forested hill with backpacks. 

Students sit at a dinner table in a restaurant in the evening. They wave their arms in the air and sway together.

Field Biology video

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