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My name is Graham Markwell. I'm a chartered architect and the University Lead for Architectural programmes. We have two main Architectural programmes at the University, we have the BSc in Architectural Technology and Practice which is accredited by The Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists and by implication, it is a more technology-based course, and the BA Interior Architecture and Venue Design which is accredited by The Chartered Society of Designers, which is slightly more design-based and has a humanities element to it. These courses are for anybody who has an interest in the built environment. They can progress through and become architectural technologists working in architectural practices or venue designers and interior designers working in architectural practices as well, and they may progress later to set up their own practices working within the built environment. Because of our accreditations when the students leave the University they have more credibility within the professions and this has been recognised by the University being regarded as a Centre of Excellence by The Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists.

Another feature is that we have live briefs for all our studio projects where we have real clients who are part and parcel of the assessment team for the students giving them a feel for the real reality and we have excellent facilities around the University and we also encourage placement opportunities. We encourage students to go on placements after their second year for a 38-weeks minimum to work within a professional practice either within the UK or overseas. We do have contacts with practices around the country and overseas in Santa Monica and places like Switzerland.

With regard to volunteering, there are a few opportunities for work with The Heritage Society such as The Cromford Arkwright Society and Elvaston Castle redevelopment. Both these are really good experience for the students and with the 38-week placement, you also get the additional qualification of the Diploma of Professional Practice. Students will develop transferable skills whilst they're here at the University from ranging from CAD (computer-aided design) through to researching skills and they'll do this by hands-on work, on a one-to-one basis with not only the lecturers here but with professionals who will come in and assist on design projects throughout the modules. The facilities at the University range not only from our dedicated studio, which we're here now, which is for architectural students only and we regard it as our home. We have various other facilities here including workshops and labs that we use for materials and such like. Other equipment that's available to students include drones, sound recording equipment and environmental equipment, 3D printers, laser cutters and other various facilities for model making. The students will be taught by dedicated professionals, the whole of the architectural team have at some time another practiced in the professions. They will also be taught by other environmental professionals who will come in to deliver specialist lectures such as, technology and structures, and environmental design. On successful completion of their course at the University, the students will have the opportunity to carry on into a master's or move into the professions. The latest DLHE Data shows that 96% of our students progressed into full-time employment after six months or went into further research and higher education.

Architecture - your questions answered! video

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