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Hello, my name's Amy and I work in the Schools and Colleges Liaison Team at the University of Derby and in this video, we're going to talk about frequently asked questions about applying to university.
First, you need to register to apply using the UCAS online application service. Once you've registered, you'll be able to complete your application.
There's quite a few sections to fill in, but you don't have to do it all at once.
So, this (January 29th 2021) is the deadline to ensure that universities review your application and most people will apply by this date. However, you can still apply after the 29th January and receive offers from universities.
You will have to pay to submit your UCAS application. If you wish to apply for one choice, it's £20 or it's £26 for up to five choices.
Your personal statement is your opportunity to showcase why you wish to apply for a particular course or profession. So it's important that you relate all of your skills, experience and passion for the subject area that you're looking to study at university.
For help in writing a strong personal statement, watch our personal statement video on Derby On Demand or use our personal statement builder on our website.
We appreciate that it's been incredibly difficult, during the pandemic, to gain work experience. So please do not worry about being able to demonstrate this. So in your personal statement, focus on what you've done, such as reading, volunteering from home, your studies in school or college. And showcase why you're passionate about going to university and studying the subjects that you're interested in.
The reference process will vary, depending on how you choose to apply, either through school or college centre that is registered with UCAS, or applying as an individual.
Ideally, your reference should be someone who knows you academically, or in the absence of that, in a work capacity, so they can comment on things such as your work ethic and suitability for higher education.
If you apply through school or college, it's likely that one of your teachers form tutors or careers advisors will write your reference.
Once you submit your application, UCAS will process it, and you'll receive an email confirming that your application has been sent to your university choices. You can check on the progress of your application through UCAS Track.
Once you start to receive offers back from your universities, you'll need to decide which is your firm (first) choice and which is your insurance (second) option.
Student finance applications will open in February for September 2021 entry. You will need to apply by the end of May to make sure that you get your first loan instalment when you start university.
Everything you need to know about funding your studies, as well as how to apply, can be found on the Direct Gov website. Plus, you can also watch our student finance video for further information on what funding you could be eligible for.
There's lots of ways you can find out about our courses, the support we offer and what it's like to study at Derby. You can explore Derby On Demand for lots of video content and chat to our current students at
At the moment, we can't run our usual open days, however, you can find out more about our live chats, and campus tours on our website.


How to apply via UCAS video

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