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Stacey Camilleri

Stacey Camilleri, BSc (Hons) Forensic Science talks about why she chose to study at Derby and her experience of Clearing.

What advice would you give to anyone that's thinking of coming to study at the University of Derby?

I came to Derby through the Clearing process. It was a really simple process and the university helped me out a lot. I would definitely recommend booking onto an Open Day and coming and having a look around. You definitely get a better feel of a place, and you can decide if Derby’s the right place for you.

What are the main reasons for taking this course?

Career progression, as it’s a great course to get into forensic science with this degree, and general interests in the area.

What have you enjoyed about the course so far?

The different types of forensic practicals we get to do every week that relate to our lectures, and the amount of time we get to spend interacting with lecturers.

Why did you choose to study the course at University of Derby?

It’s in a great location, we’ve got lots of great academic staff and we’re accredited by the Forensic Science Society.

How have you found the tutors in the support that they’re giving you?

They’ve been really fantastic - they helped me find a house when I needed to get a new house in March, and they’re generally great whenever you need to go and see them. They’re there for you.

Have you had any interesting guest speakers or lecturers?

In the third year you get a lecturer from the Fire Department, and you get lots of lecturers and researchers from different universities coming in telling you about the latest research that they’ve done.

What do you think of the facilities and equipment?

They’re really great. The library is well stocked with lots of forensic books and journal subscriptions so you can always go there to have a look around. The shops are really great because they’ve got loads of bits and bobs - they stock everything.

Are you involved in any clubs are societies?

There’s a wide variety of societies available at the university. We’re currently setting up a Chemistry Society that I’m the founding member and President of, mainly aimed at the forensic students but also for anyone else with an interest, and it’s going to have lots of events and guest speakers.

What would you like to do in your future career, and how do you think university study has helped you towards this?

In the future I’d like to spend a few years in the industry working in a lab getting some experience, and I’d like to come back and teach at university. My degree has helped me with this because it’s given me the skills that I need to go out and get a job in the real world.

In the third year of the Forensic Science degree you get the option to take a vocational module which involves going on a work placement - I am currently on a placement for about three months, which gives me a chance to work in a real life lab and actually do experiments, rather than just make the tea!

What do you like about the city of Derby and Derbyshire?

We’ve got a big shopping centre and also lots of boutique shops, and also it’s in quite a nice scenic area with plenty of places to visit. There’s a really eclectic night life in Derby - there’s a casual scene with lots of really good pubs, and for a proper night out there’s a wide variety of clubs as well.

How would you sum up the experience of studying this course at the University of Derby?

I’m really happy that I chose to study at Derby, it was definitely the right choice for me. I’ve not only gained skills in forensics, but also many other experiences. I’m a Student Mentor, Advocate and Ambassador as well, which have really helped me in my future prospects.

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