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Sandra Baumgartena

BA (Hons) International Business Management student Sandra Baumgartena talks about the Derby difference when it comes to studying for her degree.

What advice would you give to anyone that’s thinking of coming to study at the University of Derby?

I would recommend Derby University to anyone, to my friends or anyone who is thinking of studying here. It can seem like a big step going from your home country to a new country, but there is always support. For example, the International Student’s Centre will help you with any queries you have. There will be always someone you can talk to so you will never feel alone, and also the courses are perfect here.

What are the main reasons for taking this course?

I chose International Business Management as my course as I believe these days most companies and organisations operate internationally, so for me it was really interesting to see how they work, what kind of things they have to do to manage the business internationally.

What are the best things about studying your course?

I particularly liked that I could choose my modules. During my first year all the modules were core modules, but during my second year I had the option to choose some which I could tailor especially for my own interests, which I found really interesting because I could choose those I particularly liked or would be interested to learn more about.

What have you enjoyed most about the course?

I really enjoyed that some of the modules were designed to do the assignment in group work, which gave me more confidence and helped make new friends. I also really enjoyed working with other people for assignments.

Why did you choose to study your course at University of Derby?

When I was back in my country I was doing research on different universities in England - Derby was particularly interesting because of the variety of courses it offered. Also, the location means it’s really easy to travel to other cities if you want to explore England.

How have you found the tutors in the support that they’re giving you?

Really good - I could always come and talk to them about any issues, even if it’s not assignment related. The feedback they give you for assignments helps you, especially because we are not English students, so it’s really helpful for us.

What do you think of the facilities and equipment?

I used the library almost every day, they have a good range of different books and journals. They have lots of PCs, so if you don’t have internet access at home you can come to the university. The opening times are great because they work til late nights. Also the university has a gym, which is newly refurbished. The facilities are great there and offer good rates for students as well.

Are you involved in any clubs are societies?

I used to be part of the women’s basketball team. It’s a great way of socialising with other people from the university apart from your studies and lectures. It also gives you the opportunity to go to other cities in England for your matches.

What would you like to do in your future career, and how do you think university study has helped you towards this?

I would like to work in the fashion industry, and I believe this course helped me gain all the necessary knowledge of how to work out there. I am more confident and knowledgeable in all the aspects of business, and I think this will help me to put myself forward into the job world.

What do you like about the city of Derby and Derbyshire?

I really like Derby city because it’s very student orientated. You can always see your friends around or other students from the university. If you like to go out at night there are always different places to go, clubs and bars. There’s a big shopping centre where you can spend many hours, and there’s also a museum if you would like to explore the culture of Derby.

How would you sum up the experience of studying this course at the University of Derby?

I learnt new skills, new knowledge, and met lots of new people from different cultures which made me learn about other cultures. This made me more confident in myself as being from another country, not England, that I can stay here, work here and just make my future be as I would like.

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