Regenerating retail spaces and supporting business start-ups

The funded project is being led by Professor Carley Foster and Professor Clare Brindley at the University of Derby and investigates alternative retail spaces in the high street as a way of supporting start-up businesses and regenerating local communities and shopping areas.

Retail is changing and innovative responses to halter the decline of once vibrant high streets and shopping centres are required. The project explores the inter-relationships between those engaged in the supply of temporary retail locations, industry experts, the occupiers (such as retail pop-up owners), and the communities in which they are located.

Data for this has been gathered from locations nationally such as London, Birmingham and Nottingham and internationally from Ireland, The Netherlands and Iceland. Professors Foster and Brindley have also worked closely with colleagues from Nottingham Trent University and with Virgin Trains who, as part of their CSR policy, use pop-up retail in their stations as a way of enhancing the customer experience and engaging with local communities.

Findings from the initial project have led to a new research project funded by the Academy of Marketing to explore customer perceptions of pop-up retail in the East Midlands and in particular, whether customers contribute to the co-creation of value in these types of temporary shops.

This project will be completed late 2017.