Two subjects, one degree

A Joint Honours degree gives you the opportunity to study two subjects as one undergraduate degree. This type of degree will broaden your skill set and enhance your career prospects.


Why should I study Joint Honours?

  • You’re passionate about two courses and wish to study both
  • 70% of graduate jobs don’t specify a degree subject so these skills, combined with your subject knowledge, will enable you to apply for a broader range of jobs when you finish
  • Put yourself ahead in the job market
  • Develop skills such as time-management, initiative, flexibility and adaptability
  • Keep your options open after university
  • 77% of Joint Honours students achieve a 2:1 or First Class Honours


Download the Joint Honours mini guide here.

What subjects can I combine?

You can combine any two subjects from the lists below, as long as they’re in different zones. E.g. Biology and Law.

**This is a new course starting in September 2018.

How does it work?

There are two ways to combine the subjects in your degree:

  • Joint - study two subjects equally. Study 60 credits (usually three modules) from each subject each year
  • Major-Minor - After stage 1 you can choose to specialise (major) in one subject. This would mean that in stages 2 and 3 you’ll study 80 credits (usually four modules) from your major subject, and 40 credits (usually two modules) from your second subject.

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