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Derbyshire Bursary Terms & Conditions

  1. This Bursary is open to those attending secondary schools/colleges in Derbyshire and all Derbyshire residents applying for first year UG FT programmes, including year zero and foundation courses. This does not include top-up courses or those entering a course in years 2, 3 or 4, or existing students. 
  2. Students who applied in 2017, but whom deferred their entry until 2018 will be eligible for this Bursary.
  3. The Bursary is to a fixed value of £1,000, paid to full-time students who qualify and enrol, in their first academic year of study. The Bursary is not available to students who study part-time.
  4. Applicants do not need to apply through a separate process for the Bursary but will be identified in the course of our standard admissions procedures.
  5. To assist this process, applicants will need to state their home address and their last school/college on their application form, to ensure they have arrived at the University from the qualifying area or institution.
  6. Applicants attending one of the qualifying institutions and who do not live in Derbyshire must have completed their School or College studies within the 2017-18 academic year.
  7. Applicants need to apply before the 15 January 2018 and to have accepted their offer as ‘FIRM’ at the University of Derby by 2 May 2018, meet all of the conditions of the offer and to have confirmed their enrolment with the University of Derby by the end of September 2018.
  8. The Bursary will be paid to eligible students who enrol at the University of Derby in their first academic year of study. The precise dates of payment will be advertised to students on enrolment.
  9. Payment will be made using the bank or building society details held by the Student Loans Company.
  10. This Bursary can be gained in combination with the University Bursary.
  11. This Bursary cannot be gained in addition to a Leek & Buxton College Bursary, STEAM bursary or any other bursary offered by the University of Derby unless specified in these terms and conditions.  
  12. The Terms and Conditions set out here are an accurate account at the time of publication. However, the University of Derby reserves the right to modify, update or extend these conditions at any time. Applicants who believe they are eligible for this Bursary at the time of their application should check the website at their time of application to ensure these conditions remain in place. Students who believe they fall outside of these Terms & Conditions, but in their view, remain eligible for this Bursary, will be assessed by the University of Derby on an individual, case-by-case basis at the time of their enrolment in the academic year of application.