Make your UCAS personal statement stand out

Your personal statement can be the deciding factor for a university to make you an offer, so get the facts on what to do, and what not to do. This is your chance to tell a college or university in 47 lines or 4,000 characters why they should choose you.

You should:

  • highlight your skills: explain what qualities you have gained from your experiences
  • do your research: make sure you check the individual institution websites of where you’re applying to as they may give specific criteria
  • stand out from the crowd: make your personal statement memorable
  • proofread it: first impressions count for a lot, so make sure your spelling and grammar are flawless
  • make it clear: make sure your statement is in a logical order, clear and easy to read.

You should not:

  • look like everyone else: check out the most overused opening statements and avoid them.
  • repeat things: don’t start every sentence with “I”, or copy things already on your UCAS form
  • be someone else: do not lie, plagiarise, or use elaborate language
  • leave it until the last minute: you might leave out important information.

Remember to leave plenty of time to write your personal statement, as rushing it could lead to you leaving out important information.