Welcome FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions, if you still have queries after reading the below please get in touch with us at students@derby.ac.uk.


The following questions relate to the Welcome period e.g. Welcome Weekend, Welcome activities.

We have a Welcome page dedicated to new students! Here you can find out about Welcome, including induction and enrolment, and information to prepare you for your University adventure.

During week commencing 21 January 2019, you'll be greeted by Welcome Heroes or staff from across the University. They'll be on-site to welcome and support you in your first week at University.

Welcome Heroes are our super helpful, friendly team of students that have been recruited to support you in your first week with us. You can’t miss them in their bright pink t-shirts and they can help you with general queries such as where to find your induction, directions etc. that you might have.

Induction and enrolment

The following group of questions look at course inductions and enrolment.

Each course begins with a course induction which will introduce and welcome you to the course. You can find your induction schedule here.

Your course induction is a schedule of activities designed to give you the best start to your time at University. Schedules are unique to your course, but likely to include an induction talk, enrolment, and support and social events/activities.

It’s really important that you attend your induction and scheduled enrolment session, but if you can’t make it, please contact your Course Leader in advance.

You might find that you have site tours included in your course induction, alternatively if you ask one of our friendly Welcome Heroes they'll be able to take you on a site tour.

You can always pop into the library and ask for support. You’ll have an allocated subject librarian who will be able to talk to you about the services the library offers and give you subject-specific support. You can also take a Virtual Tour of our Derby and Buxton libraries.

You'll receive an email from late August inviting you to enrol. It will include instructions on what to do next. More information and guidance

You’ll receive an email to invite you to enrol online, please ensure you have completed this before coming on-site. If you’re a new student, you’ll confirm your enrolment in person during a scheduled session in your course induction.

You’ll receive an email inviting you to enrol online, please ensure you have completed this before coming on-site. The next part of enrolment will be scheduled in your course induction. You’ll sit with a member of the enrolment team and review your modules and confirm your enrolment. Once completed, you’ll receive your Unicard (if you’ve not received it already), your Welcome Guide, and lanyard. More info can be found on the Enrolment pages.

Union of Students - your Students' Union

The following group of questions relate to the Union of Students, your Students' Union, including questions about Freshers, full time elected Officers, societies and clubs.

For information about societies to Freshers events, the Union of Students website has all the relevant information for you.

Your five Officer Trustees have been elected by fellow students to lead the Union. They represent all students and move the Union forward in the direction that you want them to. They work full-time and are paid employees of the Union of Students to ensure they're always there when you need them. You can find out more about them here.

Our Union of Students offer a whole host of clubs and societies that you can join. Visit their website to see what’s on offer. A great way to find out more is to go to one of the Freshers’ fairs they’ll be holding – look out for these during September.

There are a range of events and activities for you to get involved in during your first few weeks. You can find event information on our Welcome pages.

The TOTUM card (previously called NUS Extra) is the number one student discount card and can be purchased online here. Our Union of Students are selling the TOTUM cards in a package with the Officially Fresh Wristbands for Freshers - More information

Getting connected

UDo allows you to access all sorts of online resources and information to support you through your studies and help you get involved with University life.

Unimail is your University email account and is activated when you’ve enrolled. To set up your Unimail account, simply log into UDo and click on the inbox icon at the top of the page.

Course Resources is the University’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), usually referred to as Course Resources or Blackboard. It is the space on UDo where you’ll find the online information for your programme and modules.

Once your enrolment has been confirmed your university (UDo) account and Unimail account will be created within 24-48 hours.

You can then access them in the following ways:


UDo is available on your mobile via the DerbyUni app or you can access it on your desktop by clicking the ‘UDo’ link at the bottom of the derby.ac.uk homepage. Alternatively, you can go directly to UDo in a browser by navigating to udo.derby.ac.uk.

Course Resources

After logging into UDo go to the tile named ‘Course Resources’. You’ll find links to all types of resources to help you with things like citing and referencing your work, essay writing, formatting a word document or an excel spreadsheet.

Our IT Service Centre can support you if you’re having issues logging in. Email itservicecentre@derby.ac.uk or call them on +44 (0)1332 591234.

Our University Wi-Fi is called Eduroam and you can use this across all University of Derby sites, as well as at any other participating institutions that you may visit. Find out more about how to connect.

You can access your personalised timetable by logging into UDo and clicking on the ‘My timetable’ tile.

Unimail is your University email account and is activated when you’ve enrolled. This is the email address that we’ll use to contact you, so be sure to check it regularly so that you don’t miss out on any news or information. Unimail is part of our email system so you won’t have to worry about your messages being blocked or treated as ‘spam’, and it gives you a professional email address to use, showing your status as a University of Derby student.

Passwords can be reset by visiting here and requesting a code to the telephone number or email address you have registered with the system.


Your student finance is released only once you have confirmed enrolment. It will then take 3-4 working days for the payment to reach your account.

If you’re being sponsored, you must provide proof of sponsorship before you can enrol. This can either be an original letter of authorisation on company headed paper or a purchase order. You should check with your sponsor that they have the correct information to give to the University - the letter must be addressed to the University of Derby, must refer to you by name, and be signed, as well as detailing the address for invoices to be sent to.

If a sponsor letter or purchase order has been sent independently to the University, you must bring a copy to enrolment.

Our Student Records and Fees team are available Monday to Thursday, 9am – 5pm and Friday, 9am – 4:30pm. The team can be contacted on +44 (0)1332 591063 or at studentrecordsandfees@derby.ac.uk.

You can also contact our Student Money Advice & Rights Team (SMART). They are available Monday to Friday, 10am-11am and 1pm-2pm on +44 (0)1332 592000, or via email at smart@derby.ac.uk.


You can have a look at the Events tile on UDo, and also check the My Experience tile for opportunities you can get involved in. Additionally to this, you’ll receive a regular e-newsletter from us called InTouch that will give you updates on what’s happening across the University.

You’ll need to wear your Unicard at all times when you’re on site for security reasons. Some of our entrances require you to swipe in using your Unicard, and you’ll need to use your Unicard to tap in to taught sessions to register your attendance. You can use your Unicard to borrow books, resources and equipment, and to print on site. You can use it to get discounts at various shops, cinemas and restaurants and you’re able to use it to catch the Derby Unibus service for free if you visit our Derby campus – just show your Unicard when you board the bus. Please note, your Unicard is not a valid form of identification when purchasing age restricted products.

In order to keep you safe whilst at university it’s important that we are able to confirm your identity. You’ll also need your card to access university buildings, tap into your lectures (this records your attendance) and access the Resource Centre.

You can access the Student Centre tile on UDo for information about health and safety at the University of Derby. You’ll need your Unicard to access our sites and will need to keep this on you at all times. Our Security staff regularly patrol our sites; if you need to contact them you can reach them on +44 (0)1332 597777 for emergency assistance, or +44 (0)1332 591109 for all other queries. You can also email them at security@derby.ac.uk. Find out more about the support they provide.

If you need emergency assistance, call +44 (0)1332 597777 straight away and our incident management team will support you.

Information about travelling to and around your campus can be found here.

We’ve pulled all the information about your rights and responsibilities, and our University regulations and policies, into one place here.

The Student Charter is the result of a large student consultation, and aims to recognise the diversity of our student body. It explains, in plain detail, the University’s commitment to each and every student. View the charter

There are lots of things that happen at certain times of the year annually, so each year we produce a calendar that shows the main University teaching weeks and events. There may be variations dependent on your course, check this with your course team. In addition, your lecturers may schedule events that are outside of the teaching weeks which they’ll let you know about. View the academic calendar

We recommend that you talk to your Course Leader during your course induction. They will be able to advise you of your next steps. The Student Centre team can also give you advice.

The Student Centre team can give you support with changing a module. However, if your timetable is fixed, it may not be possible for you to change modules.

Returning student

Someone from your course should be in touch to let you know when you’re due back. Check your Course Resources and Unimail for this communication. Alternatively, you could contact your Course Leader directly.