Joint Honours Induction

Your induction week is an important part of your introduction into the University and your Joint Honours course.  As a Joint Honours student, you'll be studying 2 subjects, and it's important that you are involved with induction activities for both your subjects.

Our subjects have various approaches to the events they put on during induction week, don't worry if they seem different for each of your two subjects.  We try to combine practical sessions with information, advice and fun!  You must attend the compulsory sessions for your subjects, as these give you all the core information you'll need to begin your study of the subject.  You'll also get to meet academic staff and get to know other students studying the same subjects as you.  The optional sessions are valuable so try to attend as many as possible.  Some of the optional sessions for your 2 subjects may be happening at the same time. The choice is yours which you attend if this is the case.  You won't be penalised for not attending if you have to make a choice. 

We always aim to keep to the schedules we publish, but sometimes things beyond our control could mean that there'll be a change (usually it's about room changes).  If there are any changes we'll be publishing them here in the information for each of your subjects.  Keep on checking so that you have the right information - perhaps take a final look on Sunday 16th September? 

Just use the drop downs to select your 2 subjects (one in each box) and then scroll down to find the events, days, times and locations. 

Look up your induction timetable

Use the drop down menus below to get your timetable of events for each of your subjects over induction week. It's easy! Choose one of your subject titles from one drop down list, and then the other subject title from the other.