Being a good neighbour

Students make up a large proportion of residents, and it’s great when you can feel at home where you live. There are various ways you can contribute to your community and help others out. We encourage all students to respect the local neighbourhood and wider community - take a look at our top tips for a happy, vibrant community.

First things first

If you’re living in private accommodation - introduce yourself! It’s always nice to be friendly to your neighbours, so take the first step and say hello. If you keep missing them, or would prefer you can download and print our 'Student introduction flyer' and post through their letter box. We recommend doing this within the first few days of moving in so you can build rapport from the off.

If you’re one of our neighbours reading this, we also have a 'Neighbour introduction flyer' available for you to download and print.

Noise and anti-social behaviour

Noise and anti-social behaviour can cause lots of stress and anxiety amongst communities. It’s important to remember when coming in from nights out to keep the noise levels down, and to be respectful of other people’s property and routines - many of them work or have children. If a neighbour makes a request, take it on board. It will be much more difficult for you to deal with if you ignore it and they escalate the complaint to the University. And you never know who might be on the interview panel for your dream job! Another thing to keep in mind is not to litter.  It’s irresponsible to the environment so be proud of your streets and respect them. If you create rubbish when out and about – find a bin or if there isn’t one around keep it with you until you can appropriately dispose of it. 

Driving and parking

If you have a car please note on-site parking is for blue badge holders only (or permit holders for Kedleston Road site, Derby Campus – holding a permit does not guarantee a space). If you’re parking your car around our Buxton, Chesterfield or Derby Campuses, don’t park your car in your neighbours’ spaces, or in areas marked as ‘private’ or ‘residents only’. Don’t obstruct the pavement as this can create difficulties for elderly people and young children using pathways around the University.  It can also prevent locals using the space outside their homes.

Derby Campus: Don’t obstruct the entrances and pavements of Brook Medical Centre and Jonty Farmer as this prevents access for pedestrians, wagons and deliveries. The car parks are for visitors so please find alternative places to park and be considerate of our local community.

Find out more transport options and parking around our sites.

Get involved

Whether it’s by simply joining the local community Facebook page, or getting involved in a neighbourhood watch scheme, these are great ways to represent the student community positively and learn more about the people you live amongst. We’ve also got our volunteering fairs coming up; meet local charities and find out how you can get further involved in your community. 

Register to vote

You have the power to impact who gets elected into Parliament and Councils and therefore you have a say on the issues that affect you and your neighbours. It's really important that you engage with local decision making, if you don't vote your voice won't be heard. You can register to vote here.