Family and friends

It is important to talk to your family and friends about how university is going to affect you. It is better if everyone understands in advance how studying will impact on your life and the time that you will have available. That way you can properly plan ahead.

Remember that you will need time to study and complete assignments, as well as time to attend class. Be realistic about what time you will need and agree with your family when you will do this - allow for some flexibility both ways.

Plan around busy times of the year - you will need to be even more focused approaching assignment deadlines and exams.

Remember also that studying can be a tiring activity that takes up a lot of energy. Plan your week to ensure that you get a chance to rest. 

You should also be aware that going to university may change the way you see the world. You may go through a period of questioning things you have always believed or thought true. This can be a worrying development for partners, family members and friends. Reassure them that you are still the same person and take the time to explain to them why your views may be changing. If they are included this can be an exciting time for them as well. If they are excluded they may feel you are no longer interested in your old life or in them.