Students Who are Parents

We aim to help students who are parents as much as possible, the information below should help answer some of your queries.  

Child Care

If you have children under 15, you may be eligible for up to 85% of your actual childcare costs throughout the whole year.


To see what types of funding you may be eligible for.

School in Derby

Children aged 5 to 16 must be in compulsory education. The academic year for schools runs from September to July and attendance is compulsory, find out more about Schools in Derby

Services for mothers who breastfeed

Mothers of young babies who need to express milk or breast feed their child on campus can do so by going to the nurses’ rooms in T Block at Kedleston Road or the Student Wellbeing Service in the Devonshire in Buxton.

The nurses will allow you to store your milk in a labelled bottle in their fridge to be collected by the end of the working day.

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