Transferring your support to Derby

If you are currently receiving ongoing support for your mental health from your GP or from a statutory service such as:

Then it is important that your support is properly transferred to Derby. In the past we have been aware of some services recommending that students simply ask their new GP in Derby to set up their support, once they get here.

Unfortunately, this often means that there is a long delay between you arriving and your support being in place. It can take up to six weeks for your notes to be transferred and only then will your new GP be able to start the process of setting up your support.


We have also found that some services have discharged students from their service just before they go to university. In our experience this does not always work for the majority of students. The first term at university tends to be the most stressful and it is often better for the support you've been receiving to continue at least until you have settled into university life.

We recommend that if you are in receipt of ongoing support that you ask for a referral to Derby. The service supporting you will know how to do this.

Some services (Like the Early Intervention Service for instance) will be happy to provide you with support in two places - in Derby and at your current home address during holiday periods. You can discuss this possibility with your support service.

If you are concerned about this issue we are happy to help and can work with you to help get your support in place in Derby. You can find our contact details here.

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