Look after yourself

Many parents tell us that they believe the start of University is harder on them than on the student. It is certainly a time of mixed feelings; you may feel excited about what your child has achieved and sadness that they are moving on.

You may also find that you have fewer responsibilities and more time to yourself. It is important during and after this process that you look after yourself.

Enjoy yourself

Explore or rediscover your own interests and new activities. By focusing on pleasurable activities and exploring your own interests, you are likely to experience an improved mood and sense of confidence. This also provides your child with a role model of positive coping and decreases the potential of your child feeling guilty about leaving the family home.

Stay healthy

Even though your child has gone to university, they may still need you to be available to talk and to provide support and guidance. This is especially important in the early weeks of university and if your child feels stressed or overwhelmed. Maintaining your physical and emotional health can ensure that you will have the resources necessary to support your child and will also help you cope effectively with stressful events. You can find healthy living tips on this website for students - they apply equally to you.

Plan ahead

Make arrangements in advance to see your child during term and in the holidays - discuss this with them so that you both agree on a time that suits you both.

Seek support

Spend time with friends and family and talk with other adults who understand what you are going through. If you are feeling overwhelmed, distressed or upset and it is interfering with your ability to manage on a day to day basis make an appointment to see your GP.

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