Information for parents


Leaving home to go to University is a major transition for students and for their families.

Although this is an exciting time, for some parents and carers it can be difficult to let go and be confident that your son/daughter will survive and flourish in their new life. The pages and links in this section offer some practical advice on how you can help your son/daughter to successfully manage the transition to University life.

University is very different from school

Your son/daughter is now an adult and therefore they are responsible for their finances, academic attendance and performance, diet, social life, sleeping habits and everything else that happens on a daily basis. Because our relationship as a University is with the student, you will find that lecturers, advisors, halls staff etc. will not be in a position to speak to you about how your son/daughter is doing due to our duties and responsibilities under Data Protection.

Some parents will recognise this as a positive step in their son/daughter's development. Others may struggle with the idea that their son/daughter suddenly has all of this responsibility and that they no longer have the ability to step in and put everything right.

Following the guidance outlined in these pages will help you and your son/daughter feel more confident about their ability to assume these responsibilities.

However, most parents do still have a key role to play in supporting their children even after they have left home for University. Knowing what problems may appear and how best to advise your child can be crucial in helping them through the trickier parts of their university experience

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