What support is available

We provide a wide range of support for our disabled students; this will vary, according to need.

To enable us to put support in place we need you to provide evidence. This could be a report or a letter from you GP or audiologist. Please send your evidence together with the Evidence Return Sheet.

If you would like advice about the type of evidence you will need, please contact us.

Once you have provided evidence, we can put a Support Plan in place containing reasonable adjustments to the way you are taught or assessed. These could include:

Technology support:

Disabled Students' Allowance

As well as reasonable adjustments you might also be eligible for Disabled Students Allowance (DSA).

DSA is available from your funding body and pays for the additional support that disabled students need for university. Our experience shows that students really benefit from the support of DSA and so we strongly recommend that you look at the following videos:

Examples of support funded through DSAs for deaf students may include:

Transferring Social Services support

If you have support from Social Services and will require support when you move to Derby please contact us.

Halls accommodation

If you want talk to us about accessibility issues in respect of your halls accommodation again please contact us.

We recognise that starting on a university course involves many different challenges and we will work with you, to identify and arrange appropriate support. Once you have made contact with our service our Advisers will remain available for on-going support throughout your time at university.

To help new disabled students settle into university life we hold an annual event called Get Ahead. Find out more about Get Ahead.