What to expect during the first week of term

During the first week of term there will be a lot of things happening and there will be lots of things that you will need to do. However, for most courses teaching will start at the beginning of the following week.

The main university buildings will be very busy most of the time and some people can feel a bit overwhelmed by the crowds. If you are concerned about this please speak to us in the Student Wellbeing Service. We can usually organise for you to complete some of the things that you need to do when it is less busy.

Get Ahead programme

Students who come on our Get Ahead programme will already have:

Get Ahead is a great event that can really help students with an autistic spectrum disorder and if you want to join the programme all you have to do is let us know by emailing us at:

If you have not been on the Get Ahead programme then during your first week you will need to:

Induction classes

All students will have to attend induction classes where you will get lots of important information about your course and the university.

Fresher's Fortnight

The Student Union and the university together will also be running an event called Fresher's Fortnight.

During this Fortnight there will be lots of fun and interesting events organised that will help you meet new people and try new things. For some of these events you will need to buy tickets in advance. You can find details about the events here.

During Fresher's Fortnight we hold a Fresher's Fair in the main atrium of the Kedleston Road building. This is a chance for the university's clubs and societies to recruit new members. There will be set times of the day when you can go along and visit the students who run these societies, and they will have a stall displaying information about their society or club

You can find details of the clubs and societies that you could join here so that prior to the Fresher’s fair you can decide which ones you feel may be of interest to you. Fresher’s fair can be a busy, loud and crowded at times but you are still able to join societies and clubs after that event.

Joining a club of interest to you is a good way of meeting other students with similar interests. It may be daunting for you to join a new club, but remember that it's OK to leave if you decide, after attending one meeting or more, that you no longer wish to be a part of the group. You also have the opportunity to join a society later in the year if you want to.

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