Travelling to University


You can get on a bus to the university from bus stops in the city centre and near our halls of residence. These buses run every day during the week - a timetable will be available at the university reception and in your hall of residence common room.

At the beginning of term and early in the morning for the whole year, these buses can be very crowded. If you find crowded and busy environments difficult then you may instead prefer to walk (see below) or plan to come into University early and work in the library until your teaching commences.


Many students also walk to university. Walking is good exercise and it is important to spend some time in the fresh air every day. You can walk to the university buildings from the city centre halls of residence.

The Britannia Mill and Markeaton Street buildings are very close to our halls or residence - you will probably be able to walk to them from the halls of residence in 5 - 10 minutes. Kedleston Road is further away and it will normally take 20 - 30 minutes to walk here from the halls of residence.

If you are not good at remembering new routes, however, it may not be a good idea for you to attempt these walks on your own until you know the area better. A map with a with a walking route is available. The summer school as well as the Get Ahead event will be a chance for you to become familiar with the routes.


If you cannot catch a bus because your autistic spectrum disorder or another disability makes this difficult you may be entitled to some funding to pay for taxis to take you to university and back. This funding is provided by the Disabled Students Allowance.

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