Support that is available to you

There are a number of ways that we can support you whilst you are studying with us.

Types of support you may be eligible for

Organising your support

Starting at university is a major change. It can mean moving away from familiar surroundings and people. The environment at University can be noisy, busy and crowded. There are lots of new things to get used to in a short space of time. But with the correct support in place you can be successful.

Students at the University have said they find it useful to have support around a number of areas such as:

These are just examples and each student will want to adapt their support according to their individual needs.

To organise your support, the following step by step guide may be helpful.

Step 1

Funding for your support

You may be eligible for Disabled Students' Allowance (DSA) to pay your support.

You can apply to Student Finance England for DSA or if you are an NHS bursary student to the NHS.

If you have any queries about where you should apply please contact us.

It is important to send acceptable evidence with your DSA form, such as

If you are unsure whether the evidence you have is acceptable, please contact us for advice.

DSA Study Needs Assessment

When your eligibility for DSA has been confirmed, you will receive a letter asking you to have a DSA Study Needs Assessment. The assessor will discuss with you how your studies can be made more accessible to you and will identify the support you need.

The University of Derby has an accredited Assessment Centre and we can arrange for you to have a Study Needs Assessment with us here at Derby or Buxton. It's a good idea to have your assessment before your course starts because this means that your support should be in place when you begin your studies. We're open throughout the year, including the summer. If you do want your assessment at Derby or Buxton please send us a copy of the letter which gives permission for you to book this assessment. If you have decided to have your assessment elsewhere please contact us before the assessment so that we could let you know about the specific support available at our campuses. You can then discuss this with the assessor to ensure appropriate support is recommended.

After the assessment recommendations are made to your funding body who will write to you to confirm what they will fund. We can help you to put the agreed support in place.

Step 2

To help us arrange your support (including support in halls) please download and complete the relevant Return Form along with evidence of your disability, eg doctor's letter, psychologists’/diagnostic report.

Students studying at Derby, please:

Students studying at Buxton, please:

Step 3

If you have specific concerns about the support you will require or if you need advice about moving support from your local social services to Derby, please contact us.

Derby Campus

T: 01332 593000

Buxton Campus

T: 01298 330414

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