Exercise helps us to sleep and relax; it increases our energy levels and improves concentration and memory. Exercise also helps to get rid of the adrenaline that anxiety stimulates.

Student life can seem very busy and in stressful times like exam periods it can be easy to stop exercising, but in doing so you will probably reduce your energy levels and your academic performance.

Find time to exercise regularly during the day and make sure you are getting at least two hours of cardio-vascular exercise each week. However, you should avoid exercising late in an evening. Allow time for your body to recuperate and relax after exercise before going to bed.

Team Derby

Team Derby Fitness offers a range of services and facilities for all, from those totally new to exercise to the dedicated athlete. TDF aims to provide all its members with realistic opportunities to enhance and support a healthy lifestyle. Team Derby Fitness aims to inspire and empower people to develop their energy, vitality and performance and to be passionate about enabling people to live happy, healthy and productive lives.

The Athletic Union (AU) is an integral part of the Students' Union. It has one of the biggest membership bases in the Union and offers anything from your traditional sports, such as Rugby, Football, Hockey and Netball to less traditional alternatives such as Dodgeball, Archery and American Football.

Any University of Derby student can be a member of a sports club by joining the Athletic Union, whether you are trying a sport for the first time or you are an experienced player. Each club trains or meets up every week meaning they are a great way to keep active or just to meet students who all share the same interest.