Get in touch with other students

University provides great opportunities to make new friends. It can be helpful to have people close by that we can trust, have fun with and turn to in times of trouble.

Our Facebook Applicant Group is open to prospective students. Here you can chat with other new students or get advice from current students about good things to do when you get here or things you should avoid.

At both our Derby and Buxton campuses we also stage icebreaker events, each year before term begins. At these events you can meet other students and our staff will be on hand to answer any questions you might have.

If you've got additional needs you may wish to join our Get Ahead programme. This offers you the opportunity to begin university early, set up your support, attend some useful workshops and meet other students before term begins.

International students can join our international welcome programme.

The welcome programme is designed to help you settle in when you arrive. It takes place before teaching starts and we would really encourage you to attend.

As well as being very enjoyable, it will give you lots of information about the University and life in the UK.

The University of Derby has many social activities on offer when you get here, please see read our advice.