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Improve your employability, learn from each other, and bring home new ideas.

The University of Derby aspires to give all its students the opportunity to either study or work abroad in another country. We want to give you the chance to expand your worldview and experience another culture first-hand, whilst enhancing your career opportunities.

International Students

What can I do?

Study abroad

Students can study abroad for one semester or one year, usually in their second year of study. All our courses are different so you will need to check with your programme leader about what is available to you.


Students can work abroad with one of our partners or at a company of their choice. We have links with institutions based around the world so can help you to look into what is available for you whether as a short-term placement over the summer or for a year as an intern.

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College of H&SC Travel Bursaries

The College of Health and Social Care are supporting full time students to undertake a study abroad experience as part of their University experience. This support is separate to any Erasmus + or central University opportunities for overseas travel and study. 

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Benefits to you

There are so many great reasons to take part in an exchange, all of them helping you work towards your future:

Employers value international experience during the recruitment process, and are looking for transversal skills such as curiosity, problem-solving skills, tolerance and confidence. Employers have said that graduates with an international background are given greater professional responsibility.


Our partners teach in English, so if you are on a study exchange there’s no need to learn a new language. However, you will have the opportunity to learn the basics to help you live in country.

Financial support

If you go on an Erasmus+ exchange, you will receive a grant which contributes towards any living costs whilst you are studying or working abroad. This grant is in addition to any other grants or loans you may be receiving. The total amount of funding you will receive in the grant depends on the duration of your mobility and the country’s cost of living.

*Please note, we have had an large number of applications for the Erasmus+ scheme this academic year and therefore funding is not guaranteed and applications will be reviewed on a first come basis*

Academic Recognition

Taking part in an exchange, whether it be through studying abroad or working abroad, will be recognised on your Higher Education Achievement Record (HEAR).

How to apply

To find out more about how to take part in an exchange.

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If you would like to study abroad, please express your interest as soon as possible. Our partners and companies have their own deadlines for incoming student applications, so they do differ, therefore the earlier you come for an appointment the earlier we can discuss the different possibilities.


What our students say

Four Film production students had the amazing opportunity to live and work in the beautiful island of Malta as part of our Go Places, Go Further programme, funded by the Erasmus+ exchange scheme.

“The Erasmus scheme gave me a great opportunity to travel, not only around the country I was based but also nearby European countries such as Germany, France and Belgium. I was able to truly stand on my own two feet for the first time and socialize with individual's I would never usually get to meet. It improved my social skills, flexibility and most of all showed me that I am capable of things I never thought of. Anyone who is tempted by experiencing new and exciting things, I believe, should sign up right away, as you will only regret not taking up this amazing opportunity.” Laura Seaton


'After spending five months in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, I can safely say that I have never ever felt so happy and loved in my life. Moving to Prague has been a life changing experience for me. I have been lucky enough to explore all that the Czech Republic has to offer. Not only this, but I have also made friends from different countries around the world. Friends who I believe will remain in my life forever. I have also had the privilege to witness the true beauty of the Czech Republic, from the most beautiful historical churches, amazing architecture, intriguing culture and breath-taking views of the gothic castles'. Aishah Ali, BA (Hons) Sociology, July 2016


'An internship abroad was something I never saw myself doing. The idea that I would be away in a country I was unfamiliar with was daunting, but in truth, it was one of the most inspiring and enlightening experiences of my life. Not only did I gain some incredible insight into a career that I am interested in, but I also had the opportunity to immerse myself into a country full of history, culture and beauty. I believe my time at the Malta Film Commission will play a key role in finding work in the future'. Liam Curbeson, BA (Hons) Film Production, October 2016


'I have had my placement job, as part of my Business Management course, through the Erasmus+ scheme at Derby University. I have had a wonderful 9-month experience while working as a Careers and Alumni Assistant at EU Business School in Barcelona, Spain. Working in Spain has helped me learn and brush up my Spanish skills, get immersed in a different culture and meet people from various backgrounds, which are golden assets to my international professional development. I recommend Erasmus+ for everyone ready to go off-the-beaten-track!' Andrei Marin-Balulescu, BA (Hons) Business Management and Theatre Studies, July 2016