Staff opportunities to work abroad


You may want to study, to undergo new work, to learn new things, meet new people, experience new cultures and build your academic perspective from an international level.  

You know that all of these things is about giving you the edge in the employment market, supporting your personal development, networking with new contacts for research, for projects, creating new partnerships – giving you that open minded edge to support your University.

To achieve your goal there will be hard work and challenges on the way, so you’ll need the support from the best team who have years of experience in the industry.

Lecturers, International student support and our partnering institutions will be there every step of the way. We can help you achieve your goals.

You can take part in an exchange opportunity with one of our partners, either teaching or training depending on your role within the University.  Begin your journey straight away, consider your objectives, your development needs, your transferrable skills and which new skills you will bring back on your return to your current role.

Create your future. 

How to apply

To find out more about how to take part in an exchange, please contact us.

*Please note, we have had an large number of applications for the Erasmus+ scheme this academic year and therefore funding is not guaranteed and applications will be reviewed on a first come basis*

Staff case studies

"One of the many pleasures of working in Academia is the opportunity to travel abroad. Whether it is to give a conference paper, collaborate on research, or simply to deliver teaching in a different educational environment, the world of Higher Education is full of opportunities to meet new people and see new sights. I was lucky enough to be asked to teach on the University of Malta's newly created MA in Film Studies" Tom Craig, Senior Lecturer in Film Theory & History, Arts


"Dr Anne Luke and Eva Cerioni from the College of Education attended Come2Graz International Week 2016 at the University College of Teacher Education in Graz in Austria.  Anne Luke delivered the keynote address to the conference, entitled “International Research in Education: Learning together in Shared Spaces”. Drawing on examples from across the globe, this lecture considered how international research can open up national classrooms to broader perspectives and questions, emphasising how the 21st century teacher must be a critical and reflective traveller – both virtual and actual – in order to deal with new complexities and create a shared global space in the national setting.  Eva Cerioni delivered workshops on teaching writing to young children to students of education at the University College. 

Dr Anne Luke says “We are very excited by our collaboration with the University College of Teacher Education in Graz. We have recently enhanced our Erasmus agreement to include students, so the College of Education will be sending up to five students on Erasmus placements in Graz from next year, and five students will come to Derby from Graz. Doing an Erasmus exchange is a superb opportunity for our students to enhance their personal and professional development so we are delighted with this new development.” Dr Anne Luke, Lecturer in Childhood studies, Education


"So far I visited UBB Cluj and UAB Alba Iulia in 2015 and 2016, each place for about two weeks. Teaching mobilities generally span a period of 5 days. A Derby academic would receive an invitation from a partner institution, then agree with them on a teaching plan tailored for 8 hours (5 days). This is developed with an academic colleague from the partner institution and is then approved by the partner’s Erasmus Departmental coordinators from there and with the International Student Centre at Kedleston Road.

The experience gained through these mobilities was so much more than spending 8 hours in class. First of all, you were making contact with different people and various academic practices. You could be invited to give research presentations, engage with organising conferences and workshops. Together you can develop teaching materials, and maybe even interact with your partner’s partners.

In May 2016 I represented the University of Derby at the UBB Cluj Collaborative Conference, making contact with 30 of the UBB Erasmus partners. We aim to further develop the collaboration with UBB Cluj through MOU and further research collaboration opportunities.

The University of Derby benefited from the Erasmus visits of staff from Cluj and Alba Iulia. Our partners contributed with teaching sessions, research talks, journal papers and research grants. One of the Keynote speakers for TCDM 16, the first mathematics conference at Derby was also from Cluj. The collaboration with Professor Nicolae Popovici from Cluj led to the development of an Optimisation module for our MSc Computational Mathematics, and we are now working on a book.

Erasmus can also be a great marketing and externalisation tool for the University of Derby." Ovidiu Bagdasar, Senior Lecturer in Mathematics, Engineering and Technology


"For three days in November 2016, Judith Szenasi and I were invited to The University of Saxion to contribute to a Conference for International Teachers. While Judith provided the Keynote address, I ran workshops for small groups of self-selected delegates. This University is located in Enschede, known throughout the region as a vibrant student city.

Having worked with the organisers of the Conference regularly since 2008, we have collaboratively published a variety of books and academic papers. This long term partnership is built on trust and mutual understanding.

Nevertheless, prior to departure Judith and I had planning meetings to ensure we were prepared. We also had regular contact with the organisers to ensure that the materials we were sharing were appropriate to the theme of the Conference.

We both were able to develop our professional competencies during this visit, particularly with regard to the role of blended learning in our Early Childhood Studies programme. We were able to visit a local school and a nursery. It was an opportunity to further develop partnerships with colleagues. There were teachers and students representing 12 European institutions; our involvement with this network enhances the reputation of the University of Derby in this forum.

As a result of this teaching activity, we have been invited to contribute to other international activities and will extend these invitations to colleagues within the College of Education, thus enabling them to participate in future European network activities." 

Jon White, Senior Lecturer in Early Childhood Studies, December 2016