Welcome to the
University of Derby

Congratulations on getting in and welcome to the University of Derby, as you prepare to start your journey we have put together some key information that will help you along the way. From your course induction schedule to other activities and events you can get involved in once you start with us.

Wishing you the biggest congratulations and welcome for starting with us. Your first few weeks will be exciting and sometimes overwhelming packed with new information and chances to socialise. You might be in a new city/town, but don't fear everybody around you is in a similar situation. You'll find information on getting started, your course induction schedule and other activities and events you can get involved in once you start with us.

Induction and enrolment

At the start of your journey, you will attend your induction set out by your Course Team. This will introduce you to academic and support staff, as well as your fellow students. Your induction may include a whole range of activities and events to help you settle in. You will soon receive instructions on how to enrol online. If you are studying on campus, you will need to confirm your enrolment on site. This will be within your induction schedule. Do not worry if you are not sure about anything or do not know what modules you need to study, we will be here to help and support you. To find your induction schedule and information about enrolment, head to the 'Before you arrive' section below.

Welcome Booklets 2019/2020

Here is the 2019/20 welcome booklets. It is packed full of useful information. From settling in and getting connected to your college information – you’ll find everything you need.

University of Derby Welcome Magazine (PDF) (9MB)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

After reading our Welcome pages you may have some questions - why not have a look at our Welcome FAQs to see if you can find an answer there.

Welcome checklist

To help you prepare, we've put together a few essential to-do activities for before you get here, during your first weeks and for the rest of your time with us.

Before you arrive

During your first week

While you're here