Virtual Open Day: Student Support video transcript

(Jewel will be your guide today)

Jewel: Hi, welcome to the University of Derby. So coming to uni is a very big step. But here at Derby, you're definitely not alone.

You will make friends really quickly. And there are also lots of student support services on hand to help you have any issues that you may have.

So, come with me and I'll introduce you.

This is our Student Wellbeing Center. Everyone here at Derby wants you to be successful and have a great time. So that's why if there's anything that may impact on your well being, your experience, or your academic performance, this team is here to help.

Let's go and meet them.

Student Centre Representative: We know that to succeed at university is not just reliant on academic ability, but also on your well being. So when you're studying here, if you're facing any personal issues or you want to speak to someone about support, come and see us here and we can arrange an appointment for you to speak to someone.

Student Wellbeing Representative: We can help with a whole range of support.From budgeting, to anxiety management, managing your health, and generally juggling your life. So please, when you need to, come and see us.

Jewel: Our International Student Centre team are dedicated to providing support for international students from the EU and worldwide.

International Student Centre Representative: So here at the International Student Center, we help with all aspects of studying here at Derby. You can ask us about anything and we will help you find the answers.

Jewel: Here we are at our next stop, the Multi-Faith Centre. Let's go and take a look inside.

Multi-Faith Centre Representative: At Chaplains, we are here to provide you pastoral, spiritual or emotional support. To help and support you if you want to explore faith or religion if you have interest. To simply chat with you, anything you want. To put you in touch with other support lines within the university.

Jewel: We also have an equality, diversity, inclusion and wellbeing team.

Fiona Shelton, Head of the Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching: It's really important that you feel like you belong. And so our equality and diversity team, make sure that regardless of what background you come from, that you are absolutely represented right across the university.

But our personal academic tutors, of which you'll have one, will make sure that you've got somebody to talk to about your progress, and that you can also talk to about how things are going and what things you're excited about for the future.

Jewel: This is Miranda, and she's going to be telling us about the Center for Student Life.

Miranda, Center for Student Life Representative: At the Center for Student Life, you can access loads of support.

At the Career Hub, you can get career ready. Take advantage of our five libraries, and learn how to access journals and loads more. Your student and graduate experience team put on loads of offers for you to get involved in. We have the international travel awards, where you can get the chance to travel abroad, develop new skills and make new friends. Use the centre to seize every opportunity that comes your way.

Jewel: Great, well, thanks for that Miranda.

Well, that's everyone.

You've now met all the different support service teams that are here to make your uni experience the absolute best that it can be.

Hope to see around again soon.

Virtual Open Day: Student Support video

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