student life this September - student wellbeing video transcript and audio description

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Make it real at Derby shows in a pink font on a black background, upbeat music plays. 

A student wellbeing staff member begins to speak...

"Welcome to the Student Wellbeing Centre. We offer a mixture of face-to-face and remote appointments. The Services are located close to the halls of residence and the University campuses."

We see the Darley Bank halls of residence from the outside and a birds eye view of the Kedleston Road campus.

"The beauty of this service is that it the fact that it's private and confidential."

We see a student talking to an advisor.

"The Student Wellbeing Service is a service that's available all year round. Some of the examples of the support we may be able to offer to you could be financial struggles, feelings of isolation, you may have care responsibilities, you may have concerns about your mental health or a fellow friend or student. These are just some of the areas that we may be able to help you with. So please feel free to get in touch, and we can discuss your concerns with you."

The University of Derby logo displaying three peaks shows against a black screen as the video ends. 

Audio described version of student life this September - student wellbeing video

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