What is the Indonesia-UK DIKTI Scholarship Programme?

The Indonesia-UK DIKTI Scholarship Programme is open for lecturers and administrative staff at DIKTI and Indonesian state universities. The program was created to support up to 750 academics to undertake postgraduate study over the next five years. All academic subjects are eligible for funding under the DIKTI programme.

Research topic areas available include:

In addition, our Centre for Supply Chain Improvement offers the opportunity to research the following areas:

Radio-Frequency Identification Technology (RFID) Responsive and reconfigurable manufacturing systems and supply chains
Systems re-engineering, improvement, optimisation Distribution networks optimisation, green and reverse supply chains
Multi-agent systems Systems modelling and simulation
Agile Manufacturing and Lean operations, Lean Six Sigma Quality Management, Six Sigma, Business Excellence Models
General areas of Operations Management Systematic Innovation

Required academic qualifications 

A masters degree or an equivalent is needed. If you have conducted extensive research into your specific field you may not need a masters degree. Please contact our International team to clarify your eligibility.

What level of English do I need?