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(Radzi walks forward in the Sports Centre at the University, squash courts are behind him). 

When I was at university the thing I loved more than anything else was access to sports facilities and the University of Derby has facilities in abundance because as well as those fantastic squash courts there, (Radzi points behind him to the squash courts). Head this way because if you become a student here you will have access to this incredible sports hall. Just imagine yourself here.

(Radzi stands on top of a balcony and gestures downwards to a large, blue basketball court).

The two basketball nets come down to make a full-size basketball court but as well as that you have everything from futsal, netball, volleyball, even badminton as well and many of you can do multiple sports at the same time.

But it doesn't end there because if you're thinking 'hey what about the niche sports?' Then we've got your back as well because feast your eyes on our very own climbing wall (Radzi walks backwards through a door and motions towards a climbing wall) where you can lead climb, you can boulder climb, and everything in between. But if sports isn't so much you think are you more a fitness person then fear not.

(Camera jump cuts to Radzi standing in a gym area surrounded by treadmills and other exercise equipment).

This is your gym filled with cardio kit whether you like to cycle, use the treadmill, or the cross trainer, but if machines are more your thing then we've got tonnes of these as well lower body, upper body, leg press, leg extension, lat pull down, glute-ham raise - it's all here. To your right-hand side is the fitness suite but behind me here is the free weight section, (Radzi swirls round in the free weight section of the gym) my favourite, so whatever your fitness needs this place has got you covered.

(Radzi walks outside onto the playing field, smiling, with open arms).

And would you look at this it is an all-weather multi-purpose 4G pitch.

Everything from football to rugby to American football it's all used here. The local community comes and uses it whether it's the Derby County juniors, by the way, whether it's a sports analysis, everybody wants a piece of the action here and why because it's a 4G pitch. If we look down here now this looks like almost astroturf you might traditionally find in between it you've got this sort of rubber crumb experience that looks a little bit like breadcrumbs, I suppose but how it feels under your boot, it feels exactly like grass. This, by the way, is genuinely state of the art and of course, it's all at the University of Derby Sports Centre.

(Radzi points upwards and behind him to a sign on the building which reads 'University of Derby Sports Centre', the video ends with the University of Derby three peaks logo).

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