Christina Vassell's employability experiences video transcript

Hi my name is Christina Vassell and I'm an English and Media student at the University of Derby. Today I'm going to talk to you about employability skills and how you can find opportunities both inside as well as out of the University. As a humanities student I'm fully aware of how challenging it is to find work experience that both suits your interests as well as align with your personal skills.

However, by looking at services such as the careers employability service that is located in the atrium, you can find any opportunity that both aligns with your interests or can stretch you further. I'm now employed by the University of Derby, I'm currently located in the Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching and my role is the role of a digital and media producer.

In my role, I'm tasked with working with academics and staff alike to create digital content such as videos, projects and coming up with scripts, editing, filming, producing and it's really been an invigorating process.

I know for me especially doing two courses as one as a joint honours student, it's been quite interesting trying to find opportunities that align with my interests as well as can further my career however, by looking at services and both online as well as researching into what my course means, as well as the future careers that my course can enable me to gain, I was able to isolate the different opportunities.

So, during my time at University I also got involved to Phantom Media, the student newspaper here at the University of Derby.

Fortunately enough, I was delegated as a humanities editor for the newspaper and in my role I was able to write articles on the blog as well as the newspaper on anything ranging from the arts to culture to literature and it really helps me to be fulfilled.

Christina Vassell's employability experiences video

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