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Dr Zacharia Nahouli

Lecturer in Forensic Psychology




College of Health, Psychology and Social Care


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Kedleston Road, Derby Campus



I am a lecturer in Forensic Psychology at the University of Derby. Prior to this, I completed a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Psychology (both with links to Criminology and/or Forensic Psychology), and most recently I completed my PhD in Psychology at the University of Westminster. My PhD research investigated rapport building in forensic contexts (e.g., police interviews, probation supervision).

Through a mixed-methods approach, I investigated how practitioners (e.g., police/probation officers) conceptualise rapport and utilise it in practice, and I experimentally assessed the effectiveness of rapport building in forensic interviews (e.g., guiding witness memory performance). As such, my work is strongly linked to cognitive and social psychology.

Additionally, I have conducted research into memory (e.g., false/nonbelieved memories, hyperthymesia) and I have been involved with prison education programmes run by the University of Westminster and HMP Pentonville. My recent research interests and activities lie in prison education and offender wellbeing.

My teaching is mostly informed by my research, where I teach content related to communication and/or memory in forensic contexts, as well as the psychological processes that occur within the criminal justice system (e.g., police, prison, probation). I incorporate many practical activities into my teaching that align with these processes (e.g., mock police interviewing tasks, drafting court sentencing reports).

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Additionally, I am a dissertation supervisor for both the BSc (Hons) and MSc in Forensic Psychology. I am also the level six year tutor, as well as a personal academic tutor.

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