Professor Trevor Brown

Position: Professor of Applied Materials Chemistry; Programme Leader for Heritage Conservation

College: College of Life & Natural Sciences

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  • Heritage Conservation (Programme Leader) - degradation and conservation mechanisms for a wide range of historic materials, modern analytical techniques, conservation ethics, historic technologies, legal protection of heritage, re-use of industrial archaeology
  • Sports Science - the use and detection of performance enhancing drugs; the use of modern composite materials in sports equipment
  • Forensic Science - pharmacology and analysis of drugs of abuse; analysis of materials often associated with crime scenes - paint, glass, toxic substances, explosives
  • Environmental Geochemistry and Health - organic pollutants
  • Geography, Earth, Environment and Sport final year placement officer

Research interests

  • Analysis and interpretation of archaeological material
  • History of chemistry

Membership of professional bodies

Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry (Chartered Chemist) and meetings' secretary for the East Midlands Regional Committee.


  • BSc (Hons) Chemistry (Class 1), University of Exeter (1971)
  • PGCE (Chemistry), University of Nottingham (1981)
  • MSc (Distinction) Conservation Science, De Montfort University (1996)
  • PHd Synthetic studies in the thia-annulene series, University of Exeter (1974)

Recent publications

  • Brown T M, Dronsfield A T, Fowler J H and Hill S W (2000) 'The thermal decomposition of alkyl cobaloximes: a correction to the literature' Inorg. Chim. Acta 299, 277
  • Brown T M, Cooksey C and Dronsfield A T (2000) 'Perkin's mauvine - a fortuitous discovery?' Education in Chemistry 37, 75
  • Brown, T M, Dronsfield, A T and Walker, S (2001) 'Azo-dyes - a colourful story' Education in Chemistry 38, 12
  • Brown T M, Cooksey C J and Dronsfield A T (2001) 'Indigo - forever in blue jeans'  Education in Chemistry 38, 69
  • Brown, T M, Cooksey, C and Dronsfield, A T (2001) 'Synthetic Alizarin - the dye that changed history' Dyes in History and Archaeology 16/17, 34
  • Brown T M, Dronsfield, A T and Morris, P J T (2003) 'A reaction that changed organic chemistry' Education in Chemistry 40 129
  • Brown, T. M. (2004) 'Conquering TB, the 'captain of death''  Education in Chemistry 41 15
  • Brown , T. M, Dronsfield A. T. and Morris, P.J.T (2004) 'Una reazione che cambio la chimica organica'  La Chimica Nella Scuola 16 78
  • Ahmed, I, Brown, T M and Dronsfield, A T (2005) 'Woodward-Hofmann theory: it all happened by chance' Education in Chemistry 42 78
  • Brown, T M, Dronsfield A T and Ellis, P M (2005) 'Pain Relief: from coal tar to paracetamol'  Education in Chemistry 42 102

Recent conferences

  • 'The Source of 16th and 17th century glass in Northern Europe.  A new analytical perspective using EPMA, ICP-OES, ICP-AES and TIMS', 35th International Symposium on Archaeometry, Beijing, China, May 2005 (with Professor Julian Henderson, University of Nottingham)
  • 'Investigating and Conserving Glass', 5th V&A Conservation Science Summer School, The University of Derby July 2005

Additional interests and activities

  • 'Listening to the Past' - invited public lecture at the Nottingham University Centre for Local History, December 2006.
  • The National Trust 'Science in Trust' Advisory Committee
  • Joint Organiser of the V&A Summer School at the University of Derby
  • Research student supervision
  • MPhil (1991) M. Murphy  A study of legionella oxidants in copper-based heat exchangers.
  • PhD (1992) R. Ellis  Investigation of cobalt complexes of Schiff's bases and dioximes.  Radical precursors and molecular recognition
  • PhD (1996) S. Riley  Exploring enantioselective recognition using chiral cobalt complexes.
  • PhD (1996) A-S. Wilkinson  Studies in cobaloxime chemistry
  • Post-doctoral fellows (1993-1996) funded by EPSRC and Rolls Royce plc
  • Dr R Mazhir and Dr S Dunn  Preceramic polymers

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