Dr Tony Stock

Position: Senior Lecturer in Asphalt Technology

College: College of Business, Law and Social Sciences

Department: Derby Management School

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Programme Leader,  Asphalt and Paving programs, Centre for Mineral Products Professional Development

Teaching responsibilities

Leader for the asphalt and pavements, industry facing modules on the MPPD Asphalt, Paving and Surfacing Programs


Professional interests

Pavement Engineering - Covering all aspects from the production of the raw materials to design, construction, management and maintenance of highway and airfield pavements.

Research interests

  • The Effect of Climate Change on Roads
  • Recycling Asphalt

Membership of professional bodies

  • Chartered Civil Engineer
  • Institution of Civil Engineers
  • Chartered Institute of Highways & Transport
  • Institute of Asphalt Technology
  • Member - Association of Asphalt Paving Technologists


  • BSc. Civil Engineering, University of Surrey
  • MPhil. The effect of aggregate volume on the properties of concrete, University of Surrey
  • PhD. Pavement Design, University of Nottingham

Recent publications

Brown, S F, Pell, P S and Stock, A F, 'The Application Simplified Fundamental Design Procedures for Flexible Pavements', Proc. 4th Int. Conf. on the Struct. Design of Asphalt Pavements, Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Vol. 1, 1977

Stock, A F, Hannant, D J and Williams, R I T, 'The Effect of Aggregate Concentration on the Strength and Modulus Elasticity of Concrete', Magazine of Concrete Research, No 109, December 1979.

Brown, S F, Stock, A F and Pell, P S, 'The Structural Design of Asphalt Pavements by Computer', The Journal of the Institution of Highway Engineers, March 1980 (Awarded the Croda Prize for the 'Best Technical Paper', 1980).

Stock, A F and Brown, S F, 'The Non-linear Characterisation of Granular Materials for Asphalt Pavement Design', Transportation Research Record No 755, Transportation Research Board, 1980.

Stock, A F, 'The Analytical Design of Concrete Pavements', Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Concrete Pavement Design, April 1981.

Reprinted in Spanish by the Mexican Portland Cement Association

Stock, A F, 'Recycling Bituminous Materials', Journal of the Institution of Highways Engineers, March 1982.

Stock, A F and Yu, J, 'Use of Surface Deflection for Pavement Design and Evaluation', Transportation Research Record No 954, pp 64-69, 1984.

Stock, A F, 'The Structural Properties of Recycled mixes', Journal of the Institution of Highways and Transportation, April 1985.

Stock, A F, 'Bitumen Removed from Highways and its Use in New Mixes', Journal of the Institution of Highways and Transportation, June 1985.

Stock, A F, 'Evaluation of Hot Rolled Asphalt Mixes, by Marshall Creep and Dynamic Stiffness Tests', Asphalt Technology, The Journal of the Institute of Asphalt Technology, No 36, June 1985.

Stock, A F, 'Review of the Application of High Pressure Liquid Chromatography to Pavement Materials', Transportaion Research Record No 1115, Transportation Research Board, Washington DC.

Stock, A F and Button J. A Study of the Relation between HPLC Studies and the Performance of Pavements in Texas. Transportation Record No 1117, Transportation Research Board, Washington DC.

Stock, A F, Bentsen, R A, Costigan, R R, and Schanz, I J. 'Profilometry for Bomb Damaged Airfield Pavements'. Presented at the Transportation Research Board, January 1985.

Stock, A F, 'Stretching the public purse'. Highways, vol. 53, 1985.

Stock, A F, 'Recycling Bituminous Materials'. Proceedings of the Sino-British Highways and Urban Traffic Conference. Nov 1986 (In Chinese).

Stock, A F, 'Eigenschafen Wieder Verwendeter Bindemittel und Asphaltgemische'. Die Asphalt Strasse, 1987, No 2.

Stock, A F, Brown, S F and Brunton, J, 'Traffic and Temperature Considerations for Structural Computations on Asphalt Pavements', Proceedings of 14th ARRB Australian Road Research Board, Canberra Australia 1988.

Stock, A. F. "The design of pre-stressed concrete pavements" The Structural Engineer, Journal of the Institution of Structural Engineers, Volume 66 No. 11, 7th. June 1988.

(Awarded the Murray Buxton Prize by the I. Struct E.)

Stock, A F, and G Anderton. 'An Assessment of the Resistance to Permanent Deformation of Modified Asphalt Mixes'. Euro Bitume, Madrid, Sept 1989.

Stock, A F, Gundersen, B and Planque L. 'Field and Laboratory Evaluation of Specialist High Performance Binders'. Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Asphalt Pavements. Aug 17-20th 1992.

Stock, A F, and Arand W. 'Low Temperature Cracking in Polymer Modified Binders. Journal of the Association of Asphalt Paving Technologists, Volume 63, 1993.

Stock, A F, and Sulaiman, S "The mechanical properties of recycled asphalt mixes" Highways and Transport. Journal of the Institution of Highways and Transport. May 1995.

Sulaiman, S and Stock, A F "The use of fracture mechanics for the evaluation of asphalt mixes" Journal of the Association of Asphalt Paving Technologists, Volume 65, March 1995.

Ibberson, C, Stock, A F, and Taylor I F. "The performance of Steel Slag Aggregate: Skidding Resistance." Institute of Asphalt Technology YearBook. 1995

Reader, M, Stock A F, and Taylor I F. "The performance of Steel Slag Aggregate: Characteristics of Paving Mixes." Institute of Asphalt Technology YearBook. 1995

Stock, A F, Ibberson, C, and Taylor I F. "The Skidding Characteristics of Pavement Surfaces Incorporating Steel Slag Aggregates." Accepted for publication by the Transportation Research Board. 1996

Invited Publications

Brown, S F, Peattie, K R, Pell, P S and Stock, A F, 'Developments in the Analysis and Design of Flexible Pavements', Asphalt and Coated Macadam Association Seminar 78, Penns Hall Hotel, Sutton Coldfield, November 1978.

Stock, A F, 'Analytical Pavement Design Techniques', Paving Update Meeting 12/12, March 1981. Cement and Concrete Association, Fulmer Grange, Slough.

Stock, A F, 'Recycling Bituminous Materials', Construction Industry International Conference Road Surfacing Re-cycling Technology '81, Imperial College, London, September 28-29, 1981.

Stock, A F, 'Recycling Bituminous Materials', Proceedings of a One Day Seminar on Highways and Bridge Maintenance, Institution of Highway Engineers, Belfast, November 1983.

Stock, A F, 'The Design of Prestressed Concrete Pavements'. Seminar organised by the Concrete Society, May 1987.

Additional interests and activities

  • Scouting
  • Sailing, both Dingys and Offshore
  • Hillwalking
  • Climbing

International experience

France, Germany, Spain, Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Greece, Australia, New Zealand, U.S.A. Libya, Botswana  

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