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Tony Loynes

Course Director (Applied Management)

Tony Loynes


College of Business, Law and Social Sciences


Centre for Contemporary Hospitality and Tourism


Buxton Campus, Derby Campus



As Course Director for the Applied Management programmes in the Centre for Contemporary Hospitality and Tourism, I draw on my extensive industry experience to ensure that the programmes in this area develop the relevant subject expertise to ensure graduates are equipped to enter the world of work immediately on completion of their studies.

I am passionate about the development of our students, particularly in terms of their work-related competences, and ensure all students are enabled to develop both personally and professionally throughout their studies.

Making sure our students are happy, achieve at the highest levels and gain meaningful employment are always my key priorities.

Teaching responsibilities

I teach across the Applied Management postgraduate and undergraduate programmes with an emphasis on Strategic Management, Operations Management and Financial Management.

While my current role brings with it substantial management duties, I am always happy when I have the opportunity to be in the classroom with students.

Professional interests

Needless to say, given my current role, developments in the approaches to teaching and learning are high on my list. Education for "application" is a phrase my team often hear me quoting because of my belief that "the acquisition of knowledge, without the ability to apply it, is worthless".

Research interests

My research interests include:


Postgraduate qualification

Master of Business Administration, University of Wolverhampton


Experience in industry

Prior to joining the education sector, I held senior positions with two major UK companies. Initially, my roles were sales and marketing led but, later in my career, I moved to general operations management with income targets in excess of £6 million. Immediately prior to moving into education, I developed my own successful internet consultancy business, based on a model constructed through my MBA dissertation.

International experience

Throughout my academic career, I have been involved in transnational education. This has included visits to Russia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Zambia, Botswana, Singapore, India, The Netherlands and Switzerland. This travel has broadened my understanding of the difficulties sometimes experienced by students as they transition from their home social and educational environments to those in the English speaking higher educational context. This allows me to provide the necessary support to those students and reduce the length of the transition period.