research student

Temitope Omisore

Postgraduate Research Student

Temitope Omisore in a lab coat working at a computer


Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering


College of Science and Engineering


School of Computing and Engineering



My project is based on analysing the mechanical performance of a sandwich panel that undergoes fatigue loading immediately after impact damage. Sandwich panels are made of three layers: low-density cores and two thin skins adhesively bonded to both sides of the core. This configuration allows for a component of high stiffness with very low weight thus improving attributes such as flexural strength. Although such features are very desirable in the industries that use them, the conditions they are susceptible to often lead to failure in their mechanical performance over time. For example, a sandwich panel on the section of a car under heavy rainfall experiences impact damage and fatigue loading from the raindrops which eventually lead to the damage of the panel. This project aims to address such and in doing so contribute to the knowledge of constructing sandwich panels.

Thesis title 

Fatigue After Impact Analysis on Recycled Carbon Fibre Sandwich Panels