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Professor Steve Baker

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Markeaton Street, Derby Campus



I am Professor of Research for Art and Media. I am affiliated to the Digital and Material Artistic Research Centre (DMARC) in the School of Arts, and I co-lead the Animal research group with Dr Ang Bartram.

Professional interests

I am an artist-member of OUTPOST, the Norwich 20 Group and the national Land2 research network, and a research associate of the Melbourne-based AEGIS research network for arts and ecology. Since 2010, my work has been exhibited in the UK, USA, Australia and Europe, and has featured in major animal-themed museum shows in Poland and Germany.

Research interests

My academic writings over the past 25 years or so have contributed to the development of the international field of animal studies in the arts, humanities and social sciences. My books include Artist|Animal, The Postmodern Animal and Picturing the Beast. 

Selected writings have been translated into French, German, Dutch, Swedish, Italian, Polish and Spanish, and my work is included in Routledge’s Animals and Society: Critical Concepts in the Social Sciences, Berg’s The Animals Reader: The Essential Classic and Contemporary Writings, and the Routledge Handbook of Human-Animal Studies.

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International experience

The field of animal studies has been international (as well as interdisciplinary) in its outlook from the outset. Over the past two decades, this has given me opportunities to present my research through conference papers, keynotes and public lectures in the USA, Canada, Tasmania, Australia, France, Germany, the Czech Republic and  Poland as well as the UK. Two of my monographs in this field were published by North American university presses, and selected publications have been translated into seven languages.

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