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Sandra Cooper

Senior Lecturer in Culinary and Hospitality Management


Hospitality and Culinary Management


Centre for Contemporary Hospitality and Tourism


Buxton Campus



I am a member of the Culinary and Hospitality team within the HRSM department of the College of Business.

Teaching responsibilities

Senior Lecturer in Hospitality and Culinary Management.

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Recent publications

Buxton, L., Cooper, S.J., Stockdale, I. (2011) Developing and Supporting Independent Learning. LTA Conference July 2011; BERA Conference September 2012

Cooper, S.J.  (2014) Developing Conditions to Support Effective Assessment in Work Based Learning: a conceptual analysis. CHME conference May 2014

Alonso, A.D., Sakellarios, N., Jones, C., Cseh, L., Cooper, S.J., Clodd, A. (2014). Perceptions of value for money from the supply side: A preliminary study. CHME conference May 2014

Cooper, S.J. (2015) 'Spa Cuisine: an opportunity for the Hospitality Industry' in Sloan, P., Legrand, W. and Hindley (ed.) The Routledge Handbook of Sustainable Food and Gastronomy. Abingdon: Routledge, pp. 126 – 13.

Alonso, A.D., Sakellarios, N., Jones, C., Cseh, L., Cooper, S.J. (2016) ‘Value for money’ and the restaurant experience: a case study of supply and demand stakeholders, Int. J. Leisure and Tourism Marketing, Vol. 5, No. 1, pp. 44-65