Professor Richard Hill

Position: Head of Department, Computing and Mathematics

College: College of Engineering and Technology

Department: Electronics, Computing and Mathematics

Subject area: Computing, Engineering

Research Centre: Distributed and Intelligent Systems Centre for Research and Technology Transfer

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I am responsible for the academic line management of 30 full-time and part-time teaching, research and technical staff.

I am also responsible for the leadership of the Computing and Mathematics portfolio, including:

  • School financial management, budgetary planning and control;
  • Resource allocation and academic work planning;
  • Staff contracts and disciplinary processes;
  • Developing 'holistic' academic staff that teach, conduct research and generate income;
  • Performance management;
  • International collaborations for research and teaching;
  • Managing student experience;
  • Income generation activity;
  • Knowledge Transfer Partnership programmes;
  • Departmental re-structuring and staff profiling;
  • Curriculum innovation.

Teaching responsibilities

I teach on-campus students at undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral level.

Research interests

Cloud computing, big data analytics, data science, multiagent systems, High Performance Computing.

Membership of professional bodies

  • Fellow of the British Computer Society
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • Fellow of the Staff and Educational Development Association
  • Member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology
  • Chartered Information Technology Professional
  • Chartered Engineer


Research qualifications

  • PhD in Agent Oriented Software Engineering, Sheffield Hallam University

Recent publications


  • Zhu, S.Y., Hill, R., Trovati, M., (Eds.), (2016). Guide to Security Assurnace for Cloud Computing, in Computer Communications and Networks Series, Springer Verlag, ISBN 978-3-319-25986-4.
  • Trovati, M., Hill, R., Anjum, A., Zhu, S.Y., Liu, L., (Eds.), (2015). Big Data Analytics and Cloud Computing: Theory, Algorithms and Applications. Springer Verlag, ISBN 978-3-319-25313-8.
  • Akhgar, B., Saathoff, G.B., Arabnia, H.R., Hill, R., Staniforth, A., Bayerl, P.S., (Eds.), (2015). Application of Big Data for National Security, A Practitioner’s Guide to Emerging Technologies, Butterworth-Heinman, Elsevier, ISBN 978-0-12-801967-2.
  • Bessis, N., Varvarigou, D., Hill, R., Li, M., (Eds.), (2013). Internet of Things and Inter-Cooperative Computational Technologies for Collective Intelligence, in Studies in Computational Intelligence Series, Springer Verlag, ISBN 978-3-642-34951-5.
  • Mahmood, Z., Hill, R., (Eds.), (2011). Cloud Computing for Enterprise Architectures, in Computer Communication Networks Series, Springer Verlag, ISBN 978-1-4471-2235-7,

Journal Articles

  • Al-Aqrabi, H., Liu, L., Hill, R., Antonopoulos, N., (2015). ‘Cloud BI: Future of Business Intelligence in the Cloud’, Journal of Computer and Systems Science, 81(1), pp85-96.
  • Sotiriadis, S., Bessis, N., Antonopoulos, N., Hill, R., (2013). ‘Meta-scheduling algorithms for managing inter-cloud interoperability’, International Journal of High Performance Computing and Networking, 7(3), pp156-172, Inderscience, DOI: 10.1504/IJHPCN.2013.056518.
  • Ikram, A., Anjum, A., Hill, R., Antonopoulos, N., Liu, L., Sotiriadis, S., (2013). ‘Approaching the Internet of Things (IoT): a Modelling, Analysis and Abstraction Framework’. Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience, Wiley, Indiana, USA, DOI: 10.1002/cpe.3131.
  • Shi, Q., Xiao, Y., Bessis, N., Lu, Y., Chen, Y., Hill, R., (2012). ‘Optimizing trees: A case for validating the maturity of networks of practice’, Computers & Mathematics with Applications, 63(2), pp427-436, ISSN 0898-1221,, S., Anjum, A., Bessis, N., Hill, R., Knappmeyer, M., (2012), ‘Energy Conservation in Mobile Devices and Applications: A Case for Context Parsing, Processing and Distribution in Clouds’, Journal of Mobile Information Systems, 9(1), pp1-17, IOS Press.
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  • Crowther, P, Hill, R., (2012). ‘Dissertation by Portfolio – An alternative approach to the traditional thesis’. Student Experience and Engagement Journal, 1(2).
  • Liu, Z., Liu, L., Hardy, J., Anjum, A., Hill, R., Antonopoulos, N., (2012). ‘Dot-base62x: A Compact Textual Representation of IPv6 Address for Clouds’. Journal of Cloud Computing, 1(3). Springer.

Recent conferences

  • Smith, A., Berry, S., Hill, R., (2014). Matching Services with Users in Opportunistic Network Environments. The 8th International Conference on Complex, Intelligent and Software Intensive Systems, July 2-4, IEEE Computer Society, pp30-37.
  • Al-Aqrabi, H., Liu, L., Hill, R., Ding, Z., Antonopoulos, N., (2013). Business Intelligence Security in the Clouds: Challenges, Solutions and Future Directions. SOSE 2013, IEEE Computer Society, pp137-144.
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  • Panneerselvam, J., Liu, L., Hill, R., Zhan, Y., Liu, W., (2012). An Investigation of the effect of Cloud Computing on Network Management. HPCC-ICESS 2012, IEEE Computer Society, pp1794-1799.
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