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Peter Wiltshier

Senior Lecturer & Programme Leader for Travel & Tourism


Tourism Management


Centre for Contemporary Hospitality and Tourism


Buxton Campus



Programme Leader BA (Hons) Travel & Tourism Management, Module Leader BA Travel and Tourism Management, Countryside Management (Joint Honours).

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Member New Zealand Institute Travel and Tourism (MNZITT), Member Institute of Travel & Tourism (UK), Member of the Tourism Management Institute.


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My interest in community re-generation is borne out of an abiding concern for the role of the resident and host in local communities and the ways in which visitors and tourists are treated and accorded a welcome.

My original research was undertaken in Auckland, New Zealand with a colleague, Dr Ken Simpson. Ken inspired me fairly early in my academic career to investigate the links between success stories in small business, the public sector and the tourism industry.

My last piece of research before arriving in Derby in February 2004, was the millennium tourism project for the Chatham Islands, some 800 kilometres due east of Christchurch, New Zealand. A small, but growing band of entrepreneurs is now connecting with the indigenous people of the Islands and their public sector to develop community-based tourism for a remote but beautiful and desirable tourism destination for the twenty first century.

I stand for responsible development of business in a creative and dedicated fashion. Creatively supporting communities to provide resources for their welfare and dedicated to the pursuit of a responsible future with a focus on the beautiful and important 'Green Lungs' of rural Britain in the East Midlands.

My role as senior lecturer and programme leader for the Masters course in Tourism Management at the University of Derby Buxton is to ensure that the public and private sector work together to develop resources and skills for communities to take charge of their own destinies. It is the pursuit of bottom-up planning and policy development that is sought and is to be enabled through my work and teaching. I am currently researching small business and lifestyles in the Peak District. I am also working with the Diocese of Derby to identify how tourism can benefit churches and through local government offices evaluating the impact of tourism on host communities. I support the county, the district and parishes within Derbyshire and the Peak District in their endeavour to create a better environment for all through purposeful leisure and recreation.

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