Dr Peter Lennox

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Position: Senior Lecturer

College: College of Arts, Humanities and Education

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Senior Lecturer (in subjects related to perception, scholarship and Research) to undergraduate and postgraduate Engineers and Artists

Teaching responsibilities

  • Scholarship and Technical Reporting (levels 3,4,5,6,7)
  • Scientific method, philosophy of science and critical thinking (levels 3,4,5,6,7)
  • Sound Technology (levels 4,5)
  • Research Methods (levels 6,7)
  • Independent Study/dissertation (levels 6, 7)
  • Professional Practice (levels 5,6)
  • Perception for Engineers (level 6)
  • Auditory Perception and Psychoacoustics (levels 6,7)
  • 3-D sound Technology anhd perception (levels 6, 7)
  • PhD supervision

Professional interests

  • I am interested in establishing conversations between academia and industry, academia and school pupils (and parents).
  • I am also interested in finding Unusual Thinkers from whatever walk of life

Research interests

Cognitive mapping, spatial perception, philosophy of perception, augmented perception, Soundscape analysis, composition and perception.

Membership of professional bodies

  • Member of the Spatial Intelligence and Learning Centre network (SILC)
  • Member of the International Community for Auditory Display (ICAD)
  • Member of the World Federation for Acoustic Ecology (WFAE)
  • Member of the Audio Engineering Society (AES)


  • Cert. Business Development (Sheffield City Polytechnic)
  • Dip. Management Studies (Sheffield City Polytechnic)
  • Cert Arts of Theatre (University of Sheffield)
  • PhD (University of York, UK)

Recent publications

  • Hearing Without Ears (2014) McKenzie, I., Lennox, P., Wiggins, B. in proceedings of The 20thInternational Conference on Auditory Display (ICAD-2014)  June 22-25, 2014, New York, USA
  • Cognitive maps in spatial sound (2013) in proceedings of


Experience in industry

I worked for 8 years in the oil industry and in Heavy Engineering, as a contractor and as a small business owner (employees: 15)

I ran an audiovisual staging company for 15 years for corporate presentations, theatrical productions and Leisure Groups

In the media

  • Pecking order (2010 ) Article in Times Higher Education
  • Bonfire of the Inanities (2010) article in Times Higher Education
  • Interviewee (BBC Radio Sheffield, 2006) on hearing soundscapes
  • Interviewee (BBC radio Derby, 2005) on unusual whistling abilities


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