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Peter Gilliver

Senior Lecturer


Sport and Exercise Science


College of Science and Engineering


School of Human Sciences


Oaklands Manor, Buxton Campus



I am currently the level 4 lead for the outdoor programmes within Sport, Outdoor and Exercise Science. I work on a range of practical and theoretical modules within Outdoor, delivering in adventure and sport psychology. I also help in the delivery and management of the work experience and careers development for the outdoor student.

Teaching responsibilities

Teach across a range of modules within the outdoor programmes.

Modules delivered:

Level 4

Level 5

Level 6

Professional interests

I have been an avid mountaineer and climber for many years with a range of experience in both this country, Europe and North America. It was my skill in this environment that guided me to work within the outdoor industry.

Having worked for a number of years as an outdoor trainer, instructor and facilitator, the opportunity arose to undertake a sports science degree at the University College of North Wales, Bangor. My interests were specifically in skilled performance and sport psychology with a preference for applying this to climbing.

Research interests

My research interests cover a number of areas within sport psychology, motor movement and adventure. I have undertaken projects that look at climbing expertise and the solving of problems. Including the role of working memory and the short cuts used in the processing of information by expert compared to novice climbers. I have been investigating the personal experiences within adventurous journeys, through autobiographical methods, the story told by the individual on the adventurous journey. I am interested in different methods of journeying (cycling, walking, sailing, canoing) and the way it effects those on the journey, the changes that occur through the experience gained and connecting them to the environment, history and culture.

Membership of professional bodies


National Governing Body Awards:

Mountain Training:

Royal Yachting Association:

Recent conferences

2019 Present at the Association for Tourism and Leasure Education and Research conference, special interest group Space, Place, Mobilities in Tourism. Present paer entitled The Walk.

2014 present at the Canadian Coaching Climbing conference in Banff. Speak on expertise in climbing.

2010 Outdoors Show


Experience in industry

I worked for a number of years as an outdoor trainer, instructor and facilitator, contracted to a centre or as a freelance provider. I also worked for eight years with young people who had been removed from mainstream education exhibiting behavioral problems and disabilities, delivered education to them through the outdoors and adventure. Not only did I deliver outdoor programmes at the private school and I also took on the role of care manager.

International experience

Whilst undertaking my Masters of Science in Canada, I also worked for a local climbing organisation, delivering climbing coaching and training session.

Additional interests and activities

I still have a keen interst in mountaineering and climbing, canoeing, sailing, cycling and journeying. these interests feed into my passion for painting in watercolours and oils, along with photography. I also enjoy making things in wood, such as furniture, canoes and boats.

Recent publications

For my current research, please take a look at my ResearchGate profile.