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Dr Peter Dewhurst

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Dr Peter Dewhurst


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I have worked in higher education since 1987 taking on senior management roles first at the University of Wolverhampton and then in 2007 at the University of Derby’s Buxton Campus, first as Assistant Dean, then in 2008 as Dean and in 2012 as Strategic Director with responsibility for both the HE curriculum and commercial offer at the University’s Buxton campus. During this period my “Real World Learning” vision for applied vocational learning contributed to the Buxton based Tourism and Hospitality degree programmes being ranked first in the UK in the Guardian Subject League table of May 2014. In August 2014, I took on my first cross-University role as the founding Director of the University Strategic Partnerships Unit, which was tasked with “enhancing the University’s reputation and building its income streams through delivering inspirational and innovative partnerships that positively impact the communities and other stakeholders with which the partners engage”. The Unit’s remit included overseas partnerships, UK academic partnerships and corporate partnerships. Then in October 2016, I became the Director of the University’s Strategic Projects with responsibility for:

In October 2018, I took on a seconded role as the University’s Commercial Director, with responsibility for identifying and taking to market a compelling product offer comprising the physical resources and assets of the University, together with a range of associated services. As part of this role, I was tasked with overseeing the delivery of an outstanding product and service offer, with the intention of enhancing the University’s reputation as a client and business-oriented organisation. My responsibilities also extend to driving the University’s enterprise agenda and to this end I liaised closely with colleagues across the University and with many external stakeholders. This role came to an end in August 2022, when I returned to my substantive role as Director of Strategic Projects. Key areas of focus for the coming 12 months will include:

Professional interests

I have a passion for supporting universities to operate as ‘thought leaders’ at the heart of the communities they serve and as such, I have worked throughout my academic career to break down the barriers between ‘town and gown’. This commitment to a civic agenda has seen me being invited to join a number of boards, whilst I also organise an annual series of think tanks that identify major challenges facing the local region and have identified the solutions that need to be put in place to ensure the long-term sustainability of our communities.

Membership of professional bodies

External board memberships

BoardDate active
Derbyshire Dales & High Peak Local Strategic Partnership (Vice Chair from 2011) 2009-12
Derbyshire Economic Partnership 2009-13
Derbyshire Economic Partnership’s Rural Forum 2009-13
Derbyshire Economic Partnership’s Rural Implementation Group 2009-13
Vision Buxton, (Director since 2013) 2009-18
Buxton Town Team 2012-13
Marketing Peak District & Derbyshire 2009-19
Peak District Rural Action Zone’s LEADER Local Action Group 2009-20
Swiss Education Group’s Advisory Board 2010-13
Leek College, Board of Governors 2011-12
Business Peak District 2011-present
Peak District Partnership (Chair since launch in 2012) 2012-present
Buxton Town Team 2012-13
Swiss Education Group’s Panel of Leading Experts 2013-15
Peak District Local Nature Partnership 2013-19
Derby City Enterprise Board 2019-20
Derby Incubator & Scale Up Steering Group 2019-20
East Midlands Chamber's Board of Directors 2020-present
Destination Chesterfield Board 2020-present
Clay Cross Town Deal Board 2020-22
Staveley Town Deal Board 2020-present
Derbyshire Dales UK Shared Prosperity Fund Board 2022-present
Chesterfield UK Shared Prosperity Fund Board 2022-present
Chesterfield High Street Task Force 2022-present


Undergraduate qualifications

Postgraduate qualifications

Research qualifications

Recent conferences

Refereed conference contributions

Conference contributions

Experience in industry

I operated my own import, wholesale and retail business whilst undertaking my Masters degree.

International experience

During my time at Wolverhampton University I was involved in Masters level teaching delivery in Switzerland, whilst a number of my roles, especially that as Director of the Strategic Partnerships Unit at the University of Derby, have seen me overseeing the establishment and development of academic partnerships across many overseas countries.

Recent publications

Chapters in Books

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Refereed Journal Articles

  • Rawlinson, S. & Dewhurst, P.D. (2013) “How can effective university-industry partnerships be developed?” in Worldwide Hospitality & Tourism Themes, volume 5, issue 3, pp255-267
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Book reviews

  • Dewhurst, P.D. & Dewhurst, H. "The Management of Tourism", Pender, L. & Sharpley, R. (eds), 2005, London, Sage, Journal of Vacation Marketing, volume 12, Issue 1.
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Consultancy projects and reports

  • Pates, J. & Dewhurst, P.D. (2013) Employment & Skills Report, A DEP Rural Forum commissioned report
  • Dewhurst, P.D. (2005) Multi-dimensional Training Delivery for Service Sector SMEs in Shropshire, An ESF Objective 2 funded project commissioned by Shropshire LSC and delivered in conjunction with Telford College of Art & Technology
  • Dewhurst, P.D. (2005) Training at Heart, an ESF Objective 3 funded project commissioned by Shropshire LSC and delivered in conjunction with Walford and North Shropshire College
  • Dewhurst, P.D. & By, R (2002) Festivals and Events Database - an AWM funded project
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