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Michael Mis

ERDF Researcher in Additive Manufacturing



Research centre

Institute for Innovation in Sustainable Engineering (IISE)


Lonsdale House



Michal is a researcher investigating methods of improving thermal management of tooling in hot sheet forming. Application of this research lies primarily in Superplastic Forming (SPF) but can be beneficial for other sheet hot forming processes. This project involves extensive use of numerical and physical modelling methods. One of the crucial aspects of this project is in the modelling and observation of thermal phenomena during high temperature deformation in search of improving heat and time efficiency of the process.

Michal is also involved in collaboration with industry around the production processes of various elements, high performance computing and in virtual reality.

He has been involved with research work on heterogeneous synthesis of Ni-W-C alloy powders. This research led towards more environmentally friendly and cost effective production of WC cutting bits and drill tips.

His expertise includes FEA (Marc and Mentat), CFD, superplastic forming, diffusion bonding, additive layer manufacturing, synthesis of WC powders, metals forming, x-ray diffraction and gas chromatography.