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Dr Michael Marshall

Senior Lecturer in ITE Programme Leader for School Direct Secondary PGCE with QTS


As a Senior Lecturer in Initial Teacher Education, I support our trainees to be confident and inspiring teachers whose practice is evidence-informed. 


Teaching responsibilities

I am a Senior Lecturer in Initial Teacher Education and Programme Leader for the School Direct Secondary PGCE with QTS.

My aim is to inspire the teachers of tomorrow so that a love of learning can be shared with as many trainees and pupils as possible. By analysing current theoretical paradigms in strategies for teaching and learning and bridging the gap to effective practice, then successful learning outcomes can be guaranteed for all. By building confidence and enthusiasm to deliver their subjects, our future teachers will establish strong foundations for pupils and promote and encourage a natural curiosity in the world around them.

Professional interests

My current post effectively ties together two career pathways that I have explored: from 1999, researching global climate change using a range of scientific techniques at university, and most recently since 2011; leading Geography and the Humanities at secondary schools and Further Education colleges in Derby.

Research interests

I am interested in how ‘Earth’ science can be most effectively used to inspire future generations to want to ask and answer questions and solve problems in the world around us. I explore how cutting-edge research can permeate the subject knowledge for teaching so that academic research feeds the curriculum. Further research directions involve how models for critical reflection can be used to bridge the theory-practice divide in Initial Teacher Education to develop evidenced-informed beginning teachers.

Following my BSc in Physical Geography at the University of Liverpool (during which I constructed past environmental and climate changes using diatoms, geomagnetism and X-ray fluorescence geochemistry in Iceland), I stayed to complete an MSc in Environment and Climate Change (completing my dissertation on a stable isotope climate signatures during the late-glacial period in the Isle of Man).

My PhD and post-doctoral research positions, at Aberystwyth University, involved reconstructing 200,000 years of climate change at the source of the River Nile in Ethiopia using diatoms and high-resolution X-ray fluorescence geochemistry.

The most recent post-doctoral project involved using very high-resolution XRF geochemistry from lake sediment in Lake Suigetsu, Japan, to improve the radiocarbon calibration curve, used to accurately assign a calendar year to organic remains so that their chronology can be established. I am remained actively involved in this research (albeit from a distance) whilst pursuing my teaching career.

Membership of professional bodies

Member of the Association for Science Education (ASE)

Member of the Geographical Association (GA)


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