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Dr Mike Harrison

Lecturer in Criminology and Criminal Justice




College of Business, Law and Social Sciences



I am a Criminology and Criminal Justice lecturer that primarily teaches on the policing degrees offered at the University. My main area of research is in public order policing, but I also have an interest in police identity and policing and criminal justice in Wales.

Teaching responsibilities

I lead two modules on the Police Constable Degree Apprenticeship (PCDA). These are Response Policing and Legislation II, and Information and Intelligence II. In addition to this, I have authored several units for the Degree Holder Entry Programme (DHEP) that will be delivered through the University of Derby Online Learning (UDOL) platform.

The DHEP is a professional policing qualitation for new police recruits that already have an undergraduate degree. The course starts in August 2021. I will be facilitating the Decision-Making, Communication and Team-Working, and the Policing Communities, Response Policing and Policing the Roads modules.  

Research interests

I have a research interest in public order policing, policing identity, and policing and criminal justice in Wales. Beyond policing, I have an interest in 'law and order' politics, the influence of neoliberalism on criminal justice, crimes of the powerful, and zemiology (the study of social harms).  

Membership of professional bodies


International experience

Project TR 11 IB JH 01 – Improvement of Crime Analysis and Crime Prevention Capacity. Ankara, Turkey 20-24 July 2015. 

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