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Dr Margaret Korosec

Head of Digital and Enterprise Learning Solutions

Dr Margaret Korosec University of Derby Online Learning


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Margaret Korosec is passionate about online learning and is leading online learning strategy, design and development as Head of Digital and Enterprise Learning Solutions at the University of Derby Online Learning. She is responsible for an ambitious project to bring 18 campus programmes fully online. She is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy in the UK. Margaret has a positive track record in enabling organisational change, specifically the application of innovative learning resources, creating robust learning design, conducting pedagogic research for online environments, and designing and developing online degrees, professional development short courses, and MOOCs. She earned her PhD at the University of Hull researching the perceptions, concerns, and practices of technology change facilitators in relation to technology enhanced learning strategy in higher education. She lives in East Yorkshire, England and has worked and lived in USA, Austria and Slovenia. 


Recent conferences

Online Educa Berlin (OEB)  - November 2019

Carpe Diem: Embedding pedagogic principles in online programmes

ICDE - November 2019

Tenacious transformation: An institutional case study of sense-making in online development,%20KOROSEC.pdf 

EADTU - October 2019

An institutional journey of discovery: Finding the online voice

Learning and Teaching Conference University of Derby - July 2019

Socratic questioning in online teaching 

Blackboard Teaching and Learning Conference - May 2019

Ensuring quality and Integrity in the delivery of online learning 

EADTU - October 2018

Implementing a model of strategic intent to lead change in online learning in higher education.

Online Educa Berlin (OEB)  - December 2018

On wicked problems, inspired individuals and managing change: A case study in higher education

OER16 – April 2016 

Stolen Lives: Open educational resources to combat modern slavery.

Society for Research into Higher Education (SRHE) – Dec 2015
Perceptions of change facilitators’ role in operationalizing institutional technology-enhanced learning strategy.

Association for Learning Technology (ALT) Online Newsletter – Aug 2015

Stolen Lives – A Creative Commons Collaborative Project.

Doctoral Research Symposium, University of Hull - June 2015 

The Confirmation Process: A journey into the known.

Online Educa Berlin (OEB) - Dec 2014

Institutional transition towards increased technology-enhanced learning: change, culture and systems. 

Online Educa Berlin (OEB) - Dec 2013

Korosec, M., Bacsich, P. (2013) Workshop on competency based learning within the European Higher Education Area.

GUIDE Conference, Athens, Greece - Oct 2013

Korosec, M., Bacsich, P. (2013) Competency-based education: Leveraging educational technology to support emerging economic demands.

Learning Analytics and Knowledge Conference, Leuven, Belgium - Apr 2013

University of South Africa, Pretoria, South Africa - Feb 2013

Korosec, M. (2013) Student success in online courses using the mentoring model. Invited keynote speaker by the Vice Principal Academics Teaching and Learning and the Executive Directors Tuition and Facilitation of Learning, UNISA. 

Online Educa Berlin (OEB), Germany - Dec 2012

Korosec, M. (2012) Tools for Learning and Student Success: Educational Innovation in an Online, Self-Paced, Competency-Based Institution. 

WCET (Cooperative for Educational Technologies) Leadership Summit, Salt Lake City, USA - May 2012

Invited panelist. Integrating Digital Content on Campus: Problems, Solutions, and Process Results

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Seattle, USA - Dec 2011

Invited as participant and contributor to convening on using technology to help support post-secondary student success.

Sloan C, Orlando, USA - Nov 2010

Korosec, M., Case, R. (2010) Crossing the Rubicon: Pedagogical considerations for integrating simulations and serious games. Presented at Sloan C International Conference on Online Learning.

AECT Conference, Louisville, USA - Sept 2009

Facilitated roundtable session on the competency-based model of Western Governors University. 

International experience

Margaret lives in East Yorkshire, England and has worked and lived in USA, Austria and Slovenia.